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  1. OK thanks, you lost all credibility when you stated the greens are a more popular party, are we witnessing the death of truth as well as democracy, again, no need to answer, just stew on it.
  2. Have a look at tonights question time panel, understand that all the people on there voted to remain in the EU, and don't bother with a reply, it really isn't worth it. As for the greens, they're all out picking the plastic up from the beach I expect.
  3. I'm loving the intrigue, leave me be, https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/latest-blades-news/sheffield-united-ownership-battle-prince-abdullah-tells-high-court-his-believes-his-ps10m-investment-should-have-been-spent-more-wisely-70346 https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/latest-blades-news/sheffield-united-im-not-in-manchester-citys-money-league-admits-blades-co-owner-as-high-court-hearing-continues-70334 Have you been following it? Just managed to avoid insolvency, Prince can't remember where he got £1m from, Ched Evans returned cos' McCabe wanted him back (I thought I detected a bit of dissent in Wilders view at the time). Wilder must be having thoughts of quitting wouldn't you think? Talk about washing your dirty linen in public.
  4. You are joking right? Never attended his rallies, tried to scupper him on Marr, always put 4-1 in favour of remain on question time, you are avin a laff.
  5. Yes.BBC has turned rancid, time to scrap the licence fee and let them earn their money in the real world. Full of Liberals and Lefties, not fit for purpose now.
  6. I'm going to duck out on this as I really haven't a clue except to say aborting a child at that late stage just can't be right.
  7. They do but I think it may be some time before they screen it. It was probably on Sky Box Office whilst I have Sky I wouldn't pay to view it, pay them enough as it is.
  8. If Rhodes is staying this would make sense.
  9. Yes, unexpected that wasn't it. Did you watch it?
  10. I wouldn't think he's over flush with money at the moment (not saying he's skint) and he may succumb to that big pay day if it's on offer to set him up for life. Without a doubt, it's going to be an interesting season for both clubs. His personal bargaining power will plummet by the end of the season, he could well go for the big pay day while his stock is at a high. All conjecture of course.
  11. I expect he'd be on about £2000, barely enough to pay his bar bill.
  12. They might have had a chance if utd hadn't been promoted but I doubt it now. Having said that, if they dangle a few quid in front of his nose he may jump, he can't be on much money at utd I wouldn't have thought.
  13. Post not poster. Stop getting so wound up, it's a valid thread and an easy way to pass a bit of time. I doubt he'll leave but you never know. As I previously stated, I hope he stays as well, I can't wait for next season, can you?
  14. I love playing with this, handy little tool. https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/guidance/safety-around-the-home/overloading-sockets/
  15. Think you've just nailed it there, the premier club could be man city with him being the best manager in the league and all that.
  16. Be careful what you predict now, you know what happened last time.
  17. I had a look at the google reviews and people seem fairly happy with the oven, looks like you can plug it straight in and you're good to go. Whatever socket you use though make sure you only use the oven off of it and don't be tempted to use a double adaptor with other appliances as you could quite easily overload the socket. The main gripe people have is that it only has one shelf. I can't understand why they didn't realise that before they bought it but there you go.
  18. Course they did, I forgot and shouldn't have as a friend of mine is a Swansea supporter and he was gutted. They must be getting fed up with it as they have picked a few decent managers up in recent years only for them to get nicked.
  19. Could be he's lined up for boro.
  20. Whitby Town? I can see where you're coming from with your perspective. Yep, I give way on the Potter thing at Brighton, forgot about that and I didn't know about Colin and Parker, but the problem is still there isn't it?
  21. Not sure, Brighton sacked Chris Hughton but Wilder just wouldn't be compatible with them in my opinion.
  22. Is it going where your previous oven was, so wired into the same place? What was the previous oven rated at? Ovens will be wired into their stand alone circuit breaker/ fuse board ( i'm not an electrician by the way) as they are just so energy consuming i.e if you wired it into you normal socket circuit it would just trip the circuit breaker continuously. Usually ovens don't come with a plug, they come with a junction box and the wiring comes from your oven switch to the junction box on the oven. Ask the supplier or don't you know anyone in the trade? Post a link to the one you are looking at.
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