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  1. Bash Street

    Hull v Blades

    LOL, if you think I'm going to read all that you better think again.
  2. Bash Street

    Hull v Blades

    The pot is that big the prince is having his pockets lengthened even more and macabre will be having his pockets let out because we all know where it's going don't we? Thing is it'll be split between 2 now and not the one, bet macabre is kicking himself.
  3. Bash Street

    Hull v Blades

    There's always the courts as well.
  4. Bash Street

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    You're 100% correct there and it's something we all should be worried about, disgraceful how some things are being reported on, same with Channel 4 News. Take your point about about the fact should it have been a Tory it would have been quite a different story but I don't think it should change anything with the reporting of this case with Abbott. To me it's a minor indiscretion which needs reporting exactly how it should be, balanced on the weight of the story. It's the other way where balance needs to occur. I don't think she knew she was breaking the rules at all, she's not the brightest and It does make you think about some of her indiscretions and wonder whether it's down to the booze or not.😀
  5. We don't need Russian gas, the EU does. You have to be in a position of strength and the EU isn't. As for the finance sector moving to the continent, let them, although it's not happening is it, just project fear from the MSM who want to control how people think.
  6. Yes, and I think our government see's this as the way to go. The Canadians seem to have mastered the extraction of crude from sands now as well. You cannot rely on things like gas from people like Russia. Not sure about the storage of LNG in his country but I know it is substantial, there was quite a lot of infrastructure invested in SW Wales and pipelines laid to facilitate moving the gas into the distribution network. The gas is brought into the UK mainly from Oman I think by tanker.
  7. Is that an apology and a withdrawal?
  8. NK is in the state it is because of sanctions? I'll answer your question when you apologise and withdraw the trolling accusation. Otherwise you can go converse with someone else.
  9. Here we go, somehow when someone disagrees with the standard view on here they re called a troll, try debating the post and not the poster, read the mods message at the top of the page. We are already there, our gas supply is diverse and the Russians cutting off the supply would be manageable for us. We produce half of our own which we'd increase, and we get gas from Norway and Oman, we've prepared. Goes back to the 80's where Reagan saw it coming and they've done nothing about it, unlike us, despite of the EU. Look how many of the member states are 100% dependant on Russian gas.
  10. The £39 Billion was a negotiated payment in May's deal, they did actually want £100 Billion. The fortitude and industry of the population of this country will shine through, the problem we have is that there are too many people afraid of their own shadow. We need a trade agreement with the EU, I'll grant you that which we'll get on WTO rules, and then we'll be flying, why people wish to hold us back I'll never know. I'd guess China's economy is way more than that.
  11. You think it's gone away, you'd better think again. A number of disputes in which Russia was using pipeline shutdowns in what was described as "tool for intimidation and blackmail"[13] caused European Union to significantly increase efforts to diversify its energy sources.[14] Some have even argued that Russia developed "the capacity to use unilateral economic sanctions in the form of gas pricing and gas disruptions against many European North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states".[5] During an anti-trust investigation initiated in 2011 against Gazprom a number of internal company documents were seized that documented a number of "abusive practices" in an attempt to "segment the internal [EU] market along national borders" and impose "unfair pricing".[15] Let the Europeans suffer, https://www.britishgas.co.uk/the-source/our-world-of-energy/energys-grand-journey/where-does-uk-gas-come-from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia_in_the_European_energy_sector
  12. Think his point was that you impose sanctions on a big player like Russia then there will be an adverse effect on your own trade. In commerce I think they call this cutting your nose off to spite your face. It's OK to do this with NK as they don't offer anything anyway, you can try bully them into submission, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working. And who do you think it actually hurts anyway? The leaders or the poor civilians?
  13. LOL, yeah, remember that, EU says we are going to impose sanctions, Russia says, OK, we'll start by turning your gas supply off.
  14. There's a new world order developing and the rules are going to change. Do I want to become like these people? No I don't but we'd better get used to the fact that things are going to be changing.

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