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  1. This probably won't get many replies but does anyone know of a very good psychiatrist in Sheffield?
  2. I was going to stop today actually but after this mornings episode was over after answering the door, letting the pcso in and signing the form! I went and bought the smelliest stuff possible. They can't take any action till after next week. I wonder if the neighborhood can smell this? I honestly didn't know it would smell so much, never has done before.
  3. So 3 weeks back a police community support officer came round for a visit to tell me to stop smoking weed because neighbors have complained about the smell. So I stopped for a few days and bought some less smelly stuff but got a written warning this morning. It says "Smoking a substance either inside or directly outside your home address" By this written warning you are required to cease this conduct by 7th April. Does that mean I can still smoke up to the 7th?
  4. They sprayed something to numb my throat in 2015. I was in hospital for 6 days would have only been 4 if I signed the consent form but I didn't straight away. I was crapping myself but a nurse at Northern General reassured me. I signed the form and the endoscopy lasted 2 whole minutes.
  5. No it doesn't sedate you they just numb your throat and put a camera down your throat.
  6. I think Kell Brook did the right thing by taking a knee. He has been slammed by other professionals in the sport but he's only caring about his health. I'd have done the same thing. No one wants to go blind: https://www.joe.co.uk/sport/kell-brook-errol-spence-jr-127385
  7. Thanks for the link. Do you know if the salary is any good?
  8. I don't know him personally but he went to my school. He is way older than me buy a mile but I used to see photos of him in the school hall. I went to the city school.
  9. Do all areas in Sheffield have junkies and criminal scum? Are there actually any decent areas to live in? If so where?
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