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  1. The old song you refer to was called Blue Skies, Nothing But Blue Skies.... Sorry to spoil your gloom:cool: By the way,you're only playing at Winter over yonder.
  2. The documentary Newtown is a tear-jerking look at the families of murdered kids of mass shootings, the Newtown one specifically. Very tastefully made but extremely sad, anyone who has or has had little kids will identify with the anguish of these poor people.Even people with no kids will need a hankie to watch this one.
  3. What a shame a lot of the footage is filmed by British soldiers on arriving at Belsen,also American and Russian soldiers at Birkenhau and Auschwitz. Some of those old soldiers were in their late 80s and they were having a hard time relating to what they saw, almost all breaking into tears at their interviews. It is the most stomach turning documentary I have ever seen, but should not be missed by anyone. I must stress it is the documentary not the recent movie of the same title. There is alot of footage from the doc on YouTube
  4. It was genocide especially Sarajevo, I know a guy who was with the Canadian forces as a Peacekeeper, during the siege. They were not allowed to retaliate to the bombardment by the Serbs unless directly shot at. I also know a Serbian who was shelling the town lol.Yes they both worked at the same company. Of course, there was also Kosovo which caused NATO to bomb Belgrade.Milosevic was another Hitler, except he wanted to exterminate Muslims instead of Jews. ---------- Post added 18-02-2018 at 18:54 ---------- Have you seen the documentary I mentioned earlier in your thread?
  5. There is a good version of "Saved" on the free disc that came with the book " Not like a proper job". I don't think it was a studio track, maybe done at the 'Swan". Can't find the bloody CD to check the date. The disc is all outtakes and demos. There is Dave Berry singing an Elvis song and my old pals the late Pete Fender(Trefor Jones) and the Strollers doing "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On".
  6. One of the 'chesters, Chelski in the semis:P
  7. Let's not even mention the armed forces. How many women make it to the front line in combat?
  8. 3pm kick off?? I knew the result at about 2.30 pm your time lol
  9. LOL, Good one ---------- Post added 17-02-2018 at 15:37 ---------- She has Canadian roots, I believe, so she should be an Acting Person as per the Canadian Prime Minister. ---------- Post added 17-02-2018 at 15:45 ---------- It all reminds me of that old one " What does a man do standing, a woman do sitting down and a dog do on three legs?" Of course, the answer is quite obvious, they shake hands.
  10. Lol no kidding, but if Huddersfield succumbs to Man U., Wednesday will have all the weight of Yorkshire on their shoulders. This will carry them through:P
  11. Nah, rather meet them in the semi like 1966. lol
  12. Not really pointless with another payday looming, win or lose.
  13. Next, we discuss 'the cod war' Should we have allowed Icelandic gunboats to shoot at our trawlers, just for stealing fish? Would Thatcher have stood for it? All wars are a bit fishy if you ask me . Oh sorry I thought you said 'Halibut has clearly got their troll fish";)
  14. Yes, your boys put up a good fight, that's for sure.
  15. Hi there, I knew Steve McKenna at school and from your early Avengers days. Is he still alive and kicking, if so how is he doing, are you still in touch with him?
  16. Remember the song " Eve of Destruction" Famous line goes, "You're old enough to kill but not for voting" Of course this was in reference to all the kids( soldiers) being shipped to Vietnam at that time. I have seen all the youngsters first hand coming over the border at Niagara Falls and in Windsor because they can't have a drinking night out on their side of the border. Bunch of hypocrites them Yanks.
  17. Yes, I know the problems that were highlighted in Moore's film are the same, maybe a bit worse, but there have been so many mass shootings and changes in Presidents since then. That being said, I am sure Michael would find a lot of people to confront and ridicule. Charlton Heston has now died, for example.
  18. When Elvis died every radio station on earth was playing his songs for about a month lol Up to about 4 years ago most TV stations had all Elvis' movies playing around his birthday and his death date.
  19. It can't be long before Michael Moore makes a sequel to Bowling For Columbine. What a bunch of gun loving buttheads in the USofA I have a strong feeling this thread will forever be in the top twenty of postings because until the NRA is decapitated by some gutsy political entity, this crap is not going away anytime soon
  20. For what it's worth Mark Lawrenson and the YouTube Kid both pick Wednesday to be the "surprise" of the 5th round.
  21. Take great care how you use the word Monkey, unless you are actually talking about the animal itself. A recent thread on the forum concerning a piece of apparel that used the M word brought out all the PCs and SJWs in South Yorkshire.
  22. The " casting couch" is as much a part of Hollywood history as the movies that were made there. Hopefully Weinstein is the last of a long, long line of perverse movie producers. Good that the women of today have more empowerment than did those lovely starlets of yesteryear. Well done ladies, end this crap forever.
  23. Hence the demise of extreme communism. It is human nature to want to rise as high as you can in life and climb out above the rest. Equality only works when all things are equal, and how often is that?
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