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  1. And let's not forget the machines that go PING! They probably cost 5 times more than they should.(Sorry about the Monty Python plug). All nationalised entities get screwed. When I lived back there, the money that British Steel and the NCB were doling out to contractors was absolutely incredible and many times the work was unnecessary. I know i was a contractor, working in both industries in the 70's. Back handers to engineers and plant managers was rampant.
  2. David Bowie sang it best, "I'm Afraid Of Americans" lol
  3. You are talking plan view, if you are standing in Sheffield facing Derbyshire for example, Ireland is to the right.
  4. Watched a couple of similar American " comedies" over the holiday period (Netflix). I give them both 4/10 mainly for stunts and special effects. John Wick and I Am Wrath are the titles. What a load of tripe, each film had more fatalities than Hacksaw Ridge and that was a war film.LOL
  5. Actually it happens a lot, my youngest daughter, who is a Paramedic and her hubby who is a Cop, often work Christmas Day and they both say that people are always coming up to them and thanking them for working it. Of course, they do make triple time, but still someone has to do it and they help give fellow workers with young kids, that precious day off.
  6. IMAGINE? All the people living for today. You are a dreamer:cool:
  7. Thought this was going to be about Harry, the Tottenham footballer or perhaps that Citizen chap.
  8. A Japanese man with ginger hair would work well, forget the 40yr old part.
  9. Broken bottle and glassing attacks are nothing new, a friend of mine lost an eye and he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and had nothing to do with the altercation. Much like copping a stray bullet, a chunk of glass got him in the eye. This was 1964 , by the way. Of course this was not an everyday occurence, but was more common than people may think.
  10. I was thinking it was probably about the Glasgow gangs, when I saw the title.
  11. Not a fan of Trump at all, but you are way off when you say he is an idiot. He knows exactly what he is doing, whether that be for better or for worse, only time will tell.
  12. Seems like a sick joke that people are getting attacked by knives on a street called Carver St. Sad times indeed. I do remember a law in force in the 50's concerning switch blade(flick) knives, but don't think the penalties were that severe. There was a story going around in my locale where one of the wannabe teddy boys on the next street had one confiscated at school and it was reported to the police. When a bobby came with the summons, the lad was throwing a knife at the coal house door lol. He got a hell of a good hiding from his dad, who had to pay his fine.
  13. Well, I guess I have lived in North America too long, I got 8 lol:help:
  14. I will drink a drink a drink to that and hopefully won't be too affected by the effects of the alcoholic contents of the drinks. Well just a little maybe, it is New Year's eve after all.
  15. Good comparison show Fools and Horses, saw quite a few episodes a few years back. David Jason is one funny guy. Just recently watched some Open All Hours episodes on You Tube, what a team he and the late, great Ronnie Barker made.
  16. Are these Canadian lads new over there, they have been on the telly for 16 years in Canada. Quite a giggle at times.
  17. The original rapper is sill the best, i.e. Bob Dylan. He must have been a rapper, because he sure as hell couldn't sing. lol
  18. I have been solicited by fake tax officials and computer hackers,by phone and on the computer, but they are trying to find out who I am and I can spot them a mile off. They get nowhere fast with me. The fact that they are after my info shows they know nothing about me and are just trying it on by random phishing. The only junk mail I get are generic flyers. On email the most I get is notifications on here telling me someone has posted on a thread that I once posted on, which in a roundabout way led me to have a new account and close the other lol Anyway, if somebody wants to steal my identity, let them get on with it, let them be skint instead of me.
  19. I don't like him as a person, as he is a big flake and an egomaniac. Doesn't mean his policies are wrong however. I never really liked Reagan, but he got the important stuff done on the World stage.
  20. All banks, governments, medical practioners etc. etc. have strict privacy rules and cannot divulge personal infomation about anyone. I have no FB or Twitter and no one I know mentions me on their social media accounts, this includes family members and I have plenty of those on both sides of the Atlantic. As I explained on the Equifax thread, the biggest credit reporting agency in the world has me and my wife listed at an addess we moved from several years ago. My place of employment is listed as my second last job and I have been retired for nearly 4 years.This is not to deceive, it's just that I have not used credit for a long time, and I see no need to report my changes in status fo such an organisation, as it is none of their damn business. I still maintain that one can retain one's privacy should the desire to do so be strong enough. As for mailing lists, who cares? My delete button works fine and the bin is not far away, for paper mail, and no I don't shred LOL.
  21. Which is par for the course for ISIS. Start a conflict in a Muslim Country and create more refugees for the "stupid" western powers to take in, so they can get at their youngsters on the internet and radicalise them.Then they will cause mayhem within the western nations. Unfortunately only Donald Trump gets it, and no, I don't like the man.
  22. How on earth can Newcastle stay higher up the pitch when a juggernaut is attacking them full blast?
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