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  1. 5 hours ago, Tomm06 said:

    How do you know that's why they're booing? 


    Footballers should and will expect some ribbing from opposing fans but racism is a whole different level of disgusting. The whole team stood tall with each other and ensured everyone was happy to continue when they were given the option to leave. I'm glad they chose to play on and win by such a comfortable margin I think both the score line and choosing to play on was a far better way of showing their strength and unity.


    The question remains as to what will happen to Bulgaria, for me a fine/slap on the wrist/sanctions on fans is not enough. 

    I agree, kudos to Jonathan Southgate and the players, they gave the approriate response to the rabble by hammering their team.

    Congrats to every single one of them, they did England proud and opponents of racism everywhere should laud their steadfastness,and praise their resolve.

  2. 8 minutes ago, L00b said:

    At the moment, what the EU think is that there is still a chance of a withdrawal deal, not that the UK will stay in: the EU recognised and accepted the democratic choice of the UK right away, and ever since.


    What the EU didn't accept, and won't ever, is your misguided sense of entitlement to unicorns.


    Which is why your politicians can't ever agree on a form of Brexit, and which is why you still haven't signed up to the withdrawal agreement, notwithstanding that it is the best deal you're ever going to get (until and unless you pinkify your red lines).


    No likey the deal, no likey no deal, means endless extensions.


    No likey the deal, no extension (somehow), means you're out on your ass with your begging bowl out.


    Feel free to deal with it sometime. It's what you want, right? So about time you finally found your balls and measured up to your life choices. Your endless dithering, moaning and blame-throwing is getting rather old, rather fast now.

    Love to hear French folk talking about British folks'lack of balls.Bloody hilarious. 😃

  3. 5 hours ago, zaci said:

    Portrait Of My Love



    A jealous man can make a big man run

    And I'm running like the devel through the morning sun

     Trans- Canada Highway.  ....been on it a few times . Hwy 17 through N. Ontario.


     Good morning Captain,, 

    Good morning to you sireeee ha ha ha heeeee...

  4. 3 hours ago, Longcol said:

    Ain't misbehavin'


    And it was stalking time for the Moonboys

    It's an early Bowie song .maybe the  something Brothers, can't remember the full name, neither can my wife and she idolised the man.:huh:


    I'll put my next selection in case you accept that.


    If you miss this one

    You'll never get another one.

  5. 2 hours ago, Longcol said:

    Why is the bedroom so cold?
    Turned away on your side
    Is my timing that flawed?
    Our respect run so dry?
    Yet there's still this appeal
    That we've kept through our lives

    But love, love will tear us apart again

    I've lost you, though you're near me

    And your body's still the same

    I lost you on that journey 

    But I can't rmember where or when   mmm.


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