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  1. It's the same old song With a different meaning Since you've been gone. 😎
  2. No way is public transit costlier than car ownership and I don't care where you live. Convenience is the real reason people go to work by car, not cost. Trouble is,giant traffic jams still don't deter some people. Personally I wouldn't take a car into or anwhere near downtown Toronto for work or play, but many stlll do and some commute for hours rather that go by public transpot, yet we have highly efficient and inexpensive subway, bus and train routes, throubhout the Greater Toronto Area. If cities want to get serious about it, reclaim the on street parking facilities and shut down parking lots. Trouble is they are all great big cash cows and as you know money will always be the most important factor.
  3. Ah Belle Vue had a few Friday nights there back in the 6Os. I believe it was the largest actual playing surface in the country at the time. I remember Tony Coleman punching the referee in his last game for the Rovers against Notts County. Lol. He went to Man City the following year after serving a 3 month ban. I believe He actually punched the City coach Malcolm Allison in a nightclub later on, fiery little bugger but a great winger in his day..
  4. This reminds me of that movie Married To The Mob . There is a character in the film nickknamed Johnny Cucumber, in one scene, a dumb type of mobster asks another how he got that nickname. The other guy answers in a straight face, "Take a wild guess"
  5. Feeling good was good enough for me, Good enough for me and Bobbie McGee.
  6. I found Unbelievable very good too except it was about 2 or 3 episodes longer than it needed to be.However that is the norm on these stories that are broke down into multi episodes.This was my first series watched since we went back to Netflix, and I wasn't disappointed
  7. Yeah I know, just having a giggle. lol
  8. Yes British bands ruled the 80s .The major American bands such as The Eagles , Doors, CCR and Beach Boys were pretty much done and we had to put up a lot of banal stuff from the likes of Bon Jovi, Foreigner, Journey, Van Halen,Platinum Blonde, Glass Tiger and these guys. Thank goodness Springsteen and Billy Joel were on top form then.
  9. Ha ha ha very good. Hope Halibut doesn't see it. 😉
  10. Great song and my own personal favourite of theirs.However Ric didn't sing that one, that was Benjamin Orr who also wrote many of their hits.He died quite young of cancer, almost 20 years ago.
  11. I know of those mentioned but I also remember the Golden Dragon on the Moor or just off it, in the 60s.It was close to Furnival Gate or maybe on it.
  12. The Cars were a major force in North American pop music in the 80s, inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame last year:
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