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  1. Ontarian1981

    weather forecasts

    About your fisherman friend being able to forecast the weather from natural events, well some older native people in North America have reputations for accurate weather forecasting, by using forces of nature etc.. There was a funny story in an Almanac a few years ago where a young native goes up to the tribal elder and asks what kind of winter to expect. The old man told him that winter would be long and hard and will start early. " What signs of nature tell you this " asked the young fella. His response was " Well it is only October 15th and the white men are already putting on their winter tyres".😊
  2. Ontarian1981

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    I stopped doing the pools after I got 8 draws on Vernons and won 7/6d. Seems like half the country also had 8 draws.😞
  3. Ontarian1981

    Football spies

    Yeah, Qatar hosting the next World Cup. Can't top that.😲
  4. Ontarian1981

    Swfc v luton

    Just remember the good ones, beating Chelsea with 10 men in the 1966 FA Cup semi-final and the 6-1 hammering of them on New Year a few months later. Forget the rest.😉
  5. Ontarian1981

    Swfc v luton

    😁 LOL😁
  6. Ontarian1981

    And the Next Football boss to be sacked is ..

    At this rate, the vacancy might still be open then. lol
  7. Ontarian1981

    And the Next Football boss to be sacked is ..

    Martin O'Neill signs on to manage Forest. Are Wednesday really trying to get a new manager or what?
  8. Ontarian1981

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    Lol, you would think a guy who buys six tickets a day would know how the retailer scans the card when he wins something. Maybe he has never won before ha ha ha! On our scratch cards you have to scratch away the bar code, which I do myself if I have won, if he doesn't know that, he is really thick.
  9. Ontarian1981

    Sitting in doctors surgeries

    I can remember when there were ashtrays in doctor's offices and on the doctor's desk and nobody felt any worse when they left. Our immune systems have been destroyed by too many unnecessary antibiotics and too many preservatives in food. That's my thoughts on the matter. As a kid, I would pick up and smoke tab ends off the street, eat all kinds of unwashed foods from allotments, orchards and farmers' fields and was hardly ever sick.
  10. Ontarian1981

    Cash converters

    Exactly, it has been going on for 100s of years.
  11. Ontarian1981

    Homeless read this .

    Well put mate, I too have first-hand experience with real homeless and mentally ill people. The last thing they would have in their bags would be a smartphone. The ones you see with the mobiles are the hustlers and beggars, not the real homeless/street people, who rarely beg.
  12. Ontarian1981

    Latest stabbing in london

    And late 50s and 60s lol. Mind you. I couldn't afford a moped, had to settle for an old fag packet attached to my bike fork that flickered on the spokes as you rode along to create an engine like noise. Jim does have a point though, about the lack of respect for law and order among the younger set, it is certainly much more pronounced than in my youth. We were all a bit rebellious but you knew when to back off, not so today On a more sombre note, my son in law, who is a homicide detective, was recently on a case of a 14-year-old killed by 2 older guys(20 and 19) over 12 pills, 12 bloody pills, so sad.
  13. Ontarian1981

    Fish and Chips in Sheffield thread

    Bet there are no pubs nearby anymore, for a chippy to close that early on a Saturday lol. I used to jump over my back garden wall on Minto Road and go to a F&C shop on Dykes Hall Road, mid to late 70s, the haddock was about a foot long and delicious, wonder if it's the same one with different owners.
  14. Ontarian1981

    Fish and Chips in Sheffield thread

    Haha, that name reminds me of the one in the movie Brassed Off....."In Cod We Trust" lol
  15. Ontarian1981

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    Tell you what folks, I have been banged up pretty good twice by red light runners, Of course, the guys who hit me got off lightly on the injury front. Oh, how I wish they had been riding bicycles on the days of the accidents. Lol

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