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  1. There are 3 silversmiths reg in Sheffield with SW stamps, but none say with Son; https://www.silvermakersmarks.co.uk/Makers/Sheffield-S.html#SW
  2. SNL are at it again , this is funny; https://globalnews.ca/news/6269364/snl-nato-trudeau-trump/
  3. Yes, short term is the Watford way these days, and with good reason. Good luck to him anyway.
  4. We had a problem similar to this,,of course I am not with BT, but the similarities to your problem are a very real. Our landline is digital and runs through the internet service. Anyway the service (Wi Fi throughout the apt.)like yours was intermittent and would take the phone with it, sometimes I had to reboot , other times it would come back on it's own but the phone would not. After 2 or 3 weeks of over the phone type "service" and no one coming to fix it my wife cancelled everthing we have with the company. Someone called back a few days later and wanted to know why, of course my wife told him in no uncrtain terms. As we had paid a month ahead the service was still with us in a form of a notice period. The day after the phone call from their manager the service was normal and stayed that way for almost the full month, when another call came in asking if we wanted to reconsider, so we did but with resevations. However we have never had a repeat of the problem and it has been quite some time now. So, my friend tell BT to fix it or forget the account. It's amazing what threatening to get your service elsewhere can do.
  5. Lol at new age fan, I was watching football in Sheffield when both clubs were in Div 1 and both Liverpool teams were in Div 2. As far as physical support is concerned, that is not so easy when you have lived 3500 miles away for the last 38 years. I do take in a game ,however, when I come over during the season.
  6. Lol there are more Unitedites posting long posts on here than the current Blades game which is in progress right now. 😉
  7. Everton in the bottom 3. I was about 8 or 9 last time the Toffees were in Div 2. Silva will be gone soon I would think, but Everton are not having much luck either. It would be nice to see the club have a leap of faith and give Silva a chance to get out of their predicament, but it doesn't work that way anymore, unfortunately.
  8. Newcastle have been not that bad in spurts, hope United catch them on a down day.
  9. The trouble is now it is likely in the hands of lawyers,especially with potential criminal charges involved. It may not even be resolved this season.Of course that would make it even harder on the fans and the players, imagine winning promotion and then being dumped down a division or two before the season began. How far down did Rangers and Juventus get demoted by their repective leagues?
  10. I wonder what Mr. Judge's verdict was on his Litttle Ms. Judge's protest. Lol.
  11. The worst part is that this is going to have a negative impact on the players and coaches and will most certainly affect their play. Imagine this: "what if we do win today, the league will just take away the points anyway, so why bother? " That is not to say they will deliberately lose games, but it will be hard for them mentally to go all out in a game and give that little extra. It will be a real shame for all concerned, players, fans and everyone innocently affected by the wheelings and dealings of corrupt business people.
  12. Yeah, I never did see Jack Nicholson in the film Hoffa but wouldn't mind tracking it down to see how Jack portrayed the guy.
  13. Yeah, good to see De Niro and Pesci back as gangster buddies. Thought Pacino was a bit over the top as Hoffa, but he seemed to be having fun with it.I think your rating is about right, but like you I am a fan of the genre and of the Scorcese, De Niro and Keitel combo.
  14. Well I hope those other 73 are being monitored a lot closer than the one that got away, because he took 2 lives and that is 2 lives too many in my book.
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