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  1. I'm praying for rain in California, So that grapes can grow, And they can make more wine.
  2. Omg, no wonder teams want to be promoted.When you have a season like Huddersfield just had and still get a handout of almost 100 millon.
  3. Ontarian1981

    British steel facing administration

    Some American nuclear power stations paid a heavy price for going all in on the stainless they used in the steam generators. The company I worked for at the time was Babcock and Wilcox Canada and we got the contracts to replace18 of those monsters, encompassing 3 power producing companies, using a high-grade Inconel on the primary heads of the generators where the heavy water was forced in , and the tube sheets at both end, plus the 1000s of tubes than spanned the units. Westinghouse manufactured the originals , bless them, they really helped the Canadian economy in the mid-nineties. lol
  4. Ontarian1981

    British steel facing administration

    Slightly off topic, as you two are talking stainless, but I do recall in the late50s that certain Vauxhalls i.eCresta and Victor were rust buckets and General Motors were in hot water for using inferior Spanish steel. I was too young to know the details, but remember adults saying there was a big stink over it.
  5. What a mouth, what a mouth, What a north and south, Blimey, what a mouth you got.
  6. Ontarian1981

    Rocket Man

    The Live Aid segment was well done and ended the film the right way, even though it was only about half the length of the real thing( I watched that last night on YouTube). The thing is, and the producers of the film knew this, is that Freddie is probably the most popular British pop/rock star of all time, so all they had to do was reproduce the music footage in a good way and his many fans are just going to love it. It worked like a charm. I must add, the Freddie impersonator was excellent , hope he has not damaged his career, as he can really act.
  7. Baby I'm a want you, Baby I'm a need you.
  8. Learning to love yourself, Is the greatest love of all.
  9. Ontarian1981

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    Well my first outfit of the day is my birthday suit, which was also the last outfit of the day before. It's all downhill from there. Good to be retired. Lol
  10. Ontarian1981

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    Ah ah, a Jeeves in a fireman's outfit eh?( got to stay on topic lol).
  11. Ontarian1981

    Rocket Man

    Well I am not a paid critic and I thought Bohemian Rhapsody, aside from the outstanding Freddie actor and the true to life staged musical events, was very dull with a bunch of mediocre actors brought in simply for being lookalikes for the members of Queen, rather than their acting abilities. The trouble is bringing in a film about Elton John is a bit daft as he is still alive and most of the best musical docudramas are about deceased artists, unfortunately. PS, I am a fan of Queen and their music, just not a fan of that film.
  12. Ontarian1981

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    Trouble is with smoking jackets, they tend to catch fire eventually.
  13. Don't throw your love away, No no no , Don't throw your love away, For you might need it someday.
  14. Ontarian1981

    R.I.P Niki Lauda

    I watched the film Rush a couple of weeks back on Netflix. I t documented his big rivalry with James Hunt in 1976.Hunt would have never won his F1 championship had Lauda not had his horrific accident.Good movie with that Thor actor as Hunt. RIP Niki you outlived your rival and friend by a lot of years.
  15. What the World needs now, Is love sweet love. That's the only thing, That there's just too little of.

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