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  1. Aww, quite possibly the saddest love song I ever heard
  2. I can't resist the thought of being kissed, By someone else's baby, Someone else's eyes of blue.
  3. Now they're some sad things known to man But ain't too much sadder than The tears of a clown when there's no one around.
  4. I don't pay for a TV licence, lol, but I have seen most of the shows you mention, some other good British ones are Rebellion, Marcella, The Fall, Happy Valley,Shetland and I really loved Dickensian. What's terrestrial TV btw.
  5. Dock Leaves were everywhere when I was a kid. We often went out all day as kids in the 50,s in a rural kind of area, and of course one had to go at times.So Dock Leaves were the go to toilet paper. After all it was softer then the newspaper we had to use a home. Lol
  6. Goodbye cruel world. I'm off to join the circus, Gonna be a broken hearted clown.
  7. You and the dogs on a joint venture eh? 😉
  8. In the old days there used to be a soda syphon at the end of the bar in some pubs and you could help yourself , providing you were putting it in a drink that you had paid for, like whiskey.Very few people , in those days would have gone into a pub just to drink soda water. It's a whole new world today. .
  9. He 'managed' to get a free holiday though , AGAIN. 😋
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