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  1. I have quite a bit of admiration for the Queen but that is it, although Diana's lads seem OK blokes and tolerable.
  2. Yeah, Jerry Lee was kicked out of the UK because of that and all his sold out shows cancelled.Sadly that marriage ended tragically years later,they also lost a child who drowned , I believe.
  3. Falling Down was one hell of a film, best ever performance by Michael Douglas. Not seen Joker yet but the wife keeps pestering me to go. My problem with movie theatres is the stink of popcorn. lol. I think I will dig out my Falling Down VHS copy and watch it for what must be about the 50th time tonight.
  4. Anybody remember Edward Woodward in Callan early 60s? Liked that show, but only saw it on the odd Saturday night when I'd blown all my money on Friday night and the betting shop on Saturday afternoon.😒
  5. Yes, they went directly to Sicily from North Africa after their famous victory at El Alamein and the defeat of Rommel.
  6. In 32 states it's 16, there are only 12 with 18. and that is just states, Federally it is a blanket 16 for the whole country. In Tenessee one can have consensual sex at 13 with another teen who is no more than 4 years their senior.
  7. No royal has been close enough to the action in war to risk his life since Richard III, and he never made it home. Also if somebody with a spare horse had heard Richard cry out, we could have had a whole different royal lineage than we have today.πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ
  8. I told other kids that my uncle(didn't have a dad) was a spitfire pilot and that the helmet belonged to him. Then a lot of other kids showed up in them. Lol I can imagine the dried snot stains.
  9. I's almost that Scrooge time again eh?
  10. I had a leather flying helmet from the army stores.I thought I was Biggles.πŸ˜ƒ
  11. I liked the Hadfield when I had a room in that area between marriages about 1975. Used to go in there on some Sunday lunchtimes during that summer. Sorry to hear that it has gone the way of so many good pubs from those days in Sheffield. There was another bigger pub further up the road on the same side of the street and on a corner, can't think of the name though. I suppose that has gone now as well.
  12. I believe it has already been discussed on the " Rate the last fim you have seen" thread in this section, I remember asking someone to compare Joachim Phoenix's portrayal to Heath Ledger's in the Dark Knight movie.
  13. He is a self annointed Witchfinder General.
  14. "Are there no prisons,are there no workhouses?" Lol
  15. Why not, it is not a foreign embassy wih diplomatic immunity? It is a residence of a British citizen just like yours is, and if a warrant is issued for the arrest of anyone in that residence, the police should act accordingly. However will a judge actually issue the said warrant, well that is where it might get a bit tricky. Lol
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