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  1. Ontarian1981


    17-199 sounds a bit like the score of my first school rugby game against Doncaster Tech, in 1960. At least we got to go to the races after the match. Yeah, I lost there as well. 😟
  2. Dublin town council are now waiting for St George's Day🐉 so they can hoist the Scottish flag. ❎
  3. Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp, brave, courageous and bold.
  4. Ontarian1981

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Just rented it on Google Play, will watch tonight with the missus, who adored Freddy, on our new 55-inch telly, courtesy Chromecast. Give my two penneth tomorrow.
  5. And I wish I was an oh-oh-oh a Wild West Hero...........
  6. The ruling must have been whoever wins the rugby final 🏈 gets the flag, they must have forgotten what the date was. 📅
  7. In a big country, dreams stay with you.
  8. I can see for miles and miles and miles, oh yeah
  9. It's another Saturday night, And I ain't got nobody.
  10. But Saturday night's alright for fighting Get a little action in
  11. Ontarian1981


    Well, as a life long Wednesday fan, I was rooting for you guys against the common enemy on Saturday, so why not? Mind you, I have always been a fan of all local teams, especially when I was younger and single. I never missed a Saturday football match. I used to even go and watch Donny on Friday nights sometimes. Wednesday has always been my number one but I have rooted for you guys many times at the Lane and also Rotherham too at Millmoor.
  12. Climb every mountain, ford every stream
  13. Moon river. wider than a mile.
  14. Come outside, there's a lovely moon up there.
  15. Don't bring me down no no no no.whooo. oo.

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