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  1. Yo everyone! I'm looking for a photographer for a photo shoot for an upcoming single promotion. It'll be rather weird and my mad plan involves traveling to a forest, smoke flares and paper mache skeletons, so I'm hoping for someone with enough patience towards this kind of stuff I'm currently organising all the accessories and so on, but I wanted to have a look around if there's someone who: -has experience with artistic photography -driving license & car to make the travel easier (or else we take a bus to peak district with bags filled with strange objects) It's a rather big thing I'm after and I would love to hear back who'd be interested in collaboration. Hit me up at toosto7@gmail.com and send me your portfolio/work examples, let's talk about details & how much money you want to steal from me Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I have recently moved to Sheffield. Short story - I've been working on an album for the past 2 years. I sing and compose everything myself but i lack the ability to produce/mix music myself (i play piano and i'm currently learning a few noew instruments). Eventually, i'll probably end up paying for the production of the demos or even the album itself but first i wanted to ask if there is anyone out there who's into music production. Most of the stuff that i write is aiming to become a mix of piano rock and electronic music (like a mix of Tori Amos and Royksopp, i'd say). If there's any musicians out there who'd like to work together let me know, i got some rather bad quality recordings of my stuff and basically a full album in a piano + vocals version
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