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  1. Stabbing I've heard but just a rumour at this stage
  2. does anyone no anywhere thats hire horse & carriage out for may daughters prom many thanks
  3. yeah i have already got cameras not sure wot outputs are ill tyr find out
  4. hi can anyone recommend a company or person that can set my cctv cameras to a network so i can view my cameras from internet & phone when im not at home thanks
  5. i go in this pub alot & its ok there really changed it round new management well recommend payin it a visit
  6. im with vodafone but i recommened o2 i was with them 4 several years ad no trouble but ive had loads with vodafone
  7. hi, im with british gas & mine users approx £1 per hr, ive rang them they say its about rite price,
  8. i took my youngest daughter there last week then walked straight back off as nothing was there anymore it was horrible to explain to a 2yr how come no swings o slides where there... i hope the council will do somethin but its not that long since last time it was all done. but will the chavs reck it again????
  9. my 9 yr old daughters birthday comin up in next couple weeks just wondered if anyone knew off a mobile pampering service?
  10. i used to go out with Michaela when i was in junour school and no her sister well, she was a top lass... R.I.P Michaela
  11. ive got samsung american fridge freezer im wanting to buy water pipe that goes to the water dispencer, its 6mm size, plastic, ive tryed bq, wicks , most plumbing specialist in sheff no one knows where to buy the pipe.
  12. anyone no wots gone off APPARENTLY police taped all road off near wordswoth tavern, not sure if its rumours or for real
  13. anyone no wots goin off on dugdale road tonite ,ive just drove passed cops all over place?
  14. im wanting someone to come to mine give me a quote, to have wrought iron, if anyone does this please pm me
  15. can anyone reccomend anyone that does wrought iron gates prefably quite cheap?
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