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  1. Hi Jeff, You seem highly rated on here....I also need carpentry work so would like to you come round for a quote, I have your number and will text you in the next couple of days...I will Google Met Gas, thanks speak soon. Regards, Tony
  2. My experience in the past has been to do it all yourself, lot of work initially but once you have all your legal documents in place you just re-use them and join landlords forums to keep up to date with any changes in the law. Although there are no doubt good agents out there they tend to leave you high and dry if anything goes wrong, hence ultimately if you have a bad tenant legally you still have to sort out the mess! I would rather interview people myself and reference check them using some of the many cheap companies that do this, I paid just £20 for full referencing, I can recommend you look at the web site 'Open rent'. Ultimately you should be aware of all the legal implications yourself and not leave this to others to get right, it will in the end come down to you unless you want to sue the letting agents if things go very wrong...and that is another whole problem and costly to boot. Best of luck, Tony
  3. Hi DerbyTup, Many thanks for your help and advice. Yes I did click on the link on Atag and they sent me three names of installers and Blue Gas was one of them, just feel a little uncomfortable using someone without recommendations as the last person I used was an Atag approved installer but a right cowboy, I have reported them to Atag so see what happens but how they got to be approved in the first place is the question? Also, Atag did say that anyone can install it so long as it is commissioned according to the installer manual, which I have. Obviously would prefer to use an Atag installer as again would not feel confident with someone who isn't, just had so many problems don't need anymore. I am also looking for a bathroom installer if you know of any? Many thanks, Tony
  4. Hi All, I am interested to know if anyone in Sheffield has used Mo Yaqoob of Blue Gas Services? I am thinking of using him for my boiler install (he is an approved Atag installer) which I have, and also for my bathroom install. Would love to hear from people who have used his services as he is not on any review sites like Check A Trade so I cannot check him out. I have already had one cowboy in so I am worried about making any more mistakes Thanks in advance to anyone who replies and can help me make my mind up on this matter. Tony
  5. Hi All, I am new to the area and forum and thought I would place my first post as I need a new bathroom complete refurbishment and some electrical works and carpentry and possibly new Gas Central Heating. Can anyone recommended quality tradesmen for these jobs that do an excellent job at a sensible price (have had some really silly quotes which are obviously a rip off!). Any help much appreciated. Tony
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