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  1. I'm hoping to get to surprise view in the coming days to do some astrophotography and some stargazing.Anyone know what time it shuts please. thanks
  2. Not proud of this whatsoever but I believe I've just been flashed by a fixed camera on the M1 southbound on the 4 lane bit several miles from Barnsley.There was no speed limit displayed on the section itself but I think I was doing 90mph or JUST over.What would be the most likely outcome of this? I'm worried now I might lose my licence.I have been driving for about 21 years and I've not even had a parking ticket let alone a speeding offence.
  3. I'm after a high definition camcorder but confused which to buy. I've seen some which offer FULL hd quality for £100 and some others which offer the same resolution for £1000. What are the differences between the budget ones and the expensive ones. All I want is one which when you plug it into your tv the picture quality is as good as watching a bluray film. Please help??
  4. So doing a job like THAT,getting sod all money for it makes them feel better once you say to them "your my boy you are,your my lad". It certainly makes me want to join up:rolleyes:
  5. You don't get it do you. I'm NOT questioning the job they do. Why not call fisherman OUR BOYS (most dangerous occupation apparently)
  6. Well why don't we call firemen,police,oil rig workers etc "our boys"? Incidentally a couple of men I work with who WERE in the army don't really understand it either.If someone KNOWS the person or is a relative of some kind then I can understand it but for a complete STRANGER to refer someone they haven't met as their lad or their boy I find quite weird.One of them at my work finds it rather embarrasing.As HE puts it he's just doing a job and expects to get paid for it.
  7. Have none of you ****s got any bloody respect. A man has died,if not had a heart attack and you're cracking jokes. Pathetic.
  8. Have to agree. I take prednisolone steroids when I get bad and they are the only thing which works 100% but there are MANY dangerous side effects. A word of advice,Don't take them when you are DOWN. One problem people DON'T take into consideration is something called ORAL ALLERGY SYNDROME.look it up:)
  9. One thing I just don't get with places LIKE argos is why the hell do they put a delivery charge on something when its "home delivery only".Just add the delivery to the price.
  10. I think it should be made compulsary and EASIER. Just remember that even today ,people literally risk their lives to vote.
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