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  1. Hi does anyone know if any of the fabric shops open late in sheffield during the week?
  2. Hi can anyone recommend a unit in and around sheffield to rent at a reasonable price and with good sales. Thanks
  3. No, its not anything like the hours it was. And feel free to oppose my whining as much as you like. But make sure your argument is actually an informed one.
  4. Why is that then? ---------- Post added 12-07-2013 at 23:39 ---------- Infact, nevermind. You must be right.
  5. I dont want another facility closed either. However, firstly the pool was funded by two charities. One of which was Aim higher for disabled children. The hours that the pool is now open means that it isnt open at suitable times for children this charity is aiming to help. Secondly I am not asking for more hours. Just the same hours it has had for over 40 years. And thirdly that surely the new equipment was designed to be more economically viable. If they are having to reduce the hours so dramatically for financial reasons then that means they have replaced the original system at a significant cost. That is now a financial burden. The maintenance that was necessary to the pools was the filtration system which is a confined unit, having little or no effect on the outside aesthetics. So the improvements were not compulsory. The original system consisted of four pools that were filled and the water filtered and recycled. The new system will have to use more water (the reason why the wont open it for those hours) But to close it during those hours, they have to drain the pool (when I say "have to" this is what they have been doing to stop people using it when its closed). So the water costs increase every time it is drained and filled. Which would be filled every Saturday morning and drained every Sunday evening. They are also sub contracting this to a pool maintenance company so also have to pay for this to be done each time rather then being operated by the park staff which used to see to the majority of the pools maintenance.
  6. The pools have always been used regularly during the warmer months in the day time(sometimes the not so cold months too). It is used by all ages and all groups of people and from most ends of town. As for using your council tax payments, there will always be things people dont want their taxes spent on. I dont want mine spent on pool tables for crack heads or hookers for politicians. I do however want the pools open because it does this city a lot of good. It has always united people of varying backgrounds. It is educational and a healthy activity that doesnt cost anything and many kids enjoy. Your taxes can now go towards all the kids in hospital after diving in to glass, tin cans and rat wee filled streams. Very economically sound advise. ---------- Post added 12-07-2013 at 00:37 ---------- If anyone does want to oppose the pool, the facebook group is here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rivelin-paddling-pool/1387800908104716
  7. No the hours have been reduced. The pools were open from late spring to august on a daily basis including during term time. Which is now not the case. Hence being less accessible rather then more accessible. You reduce the hours to school holidays and weekends only, then the likely hood is that it will be too busy for it to be accessible to a child with disabilities. Which is why the grant was given.
  8. Thank you and yes that's a good idea. ---------- Post added 10-07-2013 at 14:22 ---------- If anyone wants to join us to oppose the times we will be on the bridge at the gates of the splash park. Hope to see you there. ---------- Post added 10-07-2013 at 18:00 ---------- We had a good turn out and local councillors turned up which was a lovely surprise.
  9. Nope the council stated that the financial issues were due to the pools needing maintenance. The actual maintenance required were the filteration system. Nothing to do with the external features. They mentioned nothing about the rubbish or glass. Though they did mention staffing issues. Despite the park caretaker being the same one they have had for years. I have asked for the contact details of the organisations involved with the funding. So will see if I get a response from them.
  10. Yes I have spoke to parks and recreation. I was told it was closed at these times due to financial issues. Despite the fact that the "improvements" were done to make the park more accessible for disabled children. If that is the case, why is it shut when disabled children would be more likely to want to access it? As for health and safety the splash park is based on the design of the park at Millhouses and has the same person in charge. Millhouses is open during term time and does not have supervison other then parental. As for paddling in November then granted that would be a bit cold however the weather in this country being what it is. It is not unheard of to be extremely warm in early spring, through to late october.
  11. I totally agree, it is a piece of Sheffield history that has always brought all types of people together. Their claims to make it accessible for all has done the exact opposite.
  12. As it states in the original post. We are opposing the pool, only being open weekends and school holidays. The pool has never been supervised and still wont be.
  13. The page that you link too just shows what we are opposing. The pool is only open at weekends and holidays.
  14. There is a post on the Sheffield star facebook page. So hopefully, but for them to come out it would need to be a good turn out. At least we have the weather on our side.
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