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  1. Does anyone know the current Sheffield road situation, we’ve been told to check routes and leave the office ??
  2. Meadowhall showed zero duty of care to its customers, I would have been really ****** off if I had been stranded at Meadowhall that day, did they send out regular messages on the tannoy saying transport/roads were being affected?? I will vote with my feet as I’m sure others will
  3. I work in Sheffield city centre, our senior facility manager in London was monitoring the situation and due to the transport routes being affected from mid afternoon they made the decision to send staff home early, So out of their duty of care to workers. Didnt Meadowhall see that even if the Christmas light “switch on” had gone ahead how would their customers have got home, also where was their duty to their staff getting home ? It looks non existent to me. Peoples safety should have been a priority, I bet most of the shoppers that day were totally unaware what was unfolding outside, I was in Sheffield city centre and until the emails landed from senior management (about 2pm) saying the situation was worsening and transport options were starting to drop off, I was unaware how bad it was in the streets below. I have a feeling most larger business in Sheffield are connected to the “major incident group” so they receive consistent communications from the emergency services, I find it hard to believe Meadowhall was not part of this. Yes Meadowhall was totally entitled to keep its doors open if the building was deemed safe, but it definitely didn’t show a duty of care to its customers on the 7th November.
  4. I agree, businesses across the region were sending staff home from mid afternoon, I left the office early at 4pm and Hallam fm was saying it was going ahead still, I remember thinking “madness” at the time, then about 5pm I heard them say it had been cancelled, they must really be out of touch with their local community!!
  5. Also there are temp traffic lights in Coal Aston and the lights are not working (been like it a few days) so that’s causing extra chaos 🙈, also not see a bloke in a high vis for days so nowt going on to improve the situation
  6. Bochum parkway from jordanthorpe parkway roundabout to light wood roundabout was still closed at 9am
  7. The Sheffield counci link is saying at 4.45 am that Bochum parkway is closed, does anyone know which section is closed? Or is it all of it?
  8. https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/floodwarningssheffield/ link above for up to date roads closed in Sheffield
  9. I've just text my brothers and sis to ask them, their food was first class always very fresh and my mum is a great cook and took pride in quality ingredients. My parents had lots of funny stories about their "van" days. Just thought it would be nice to share anyone's memories with my 79 year old mum "Julie" .... I will keep you posted on other venues .
  10. Hi, I don't think so, they did quite a few other one off spots/events but I don't recall penistone road being one of them, I will ask my mum when I see her next and update this post with any other venues they did. Thanks x
  11. Does anyone remember the catering van parked at stanage edge in the 80s? It was also parked on archer road during the Sainsbury's building phase and also at the Dove and Rainbow on Friday and Saturday nights. It was my parents catering van (Frank and Julie) I would love to share anyone's memories of it with my mum... my dad sadly died two years ago.
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