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  1. It looks like Leicester's going to be your nearest aside from Solihull then.
  2. Hmm, England have lost by an innings and 25 runs.
  3. India 294 for 7 in the fourth test and have a lead of 89. England have an awful lot to do. Pant got 101.
  4. England all out for 81 and India need 49 to win.
  5. So England lost the first Test by 107 runs, and now Burns has been crocked out of the series playing FOOTBALL.
  6. So England have put in yet another dire performance, losing by an innings and 65 runs in New Zealand. England 353 and 197 all out New Zealand 615 for 9 declared. To think we had New Zealand at 197 for 5 a t one stage, then they put a 7th wicket stand of 261 on.
  7. Pochettino, who has just got the chop at Spurs. Guess who'll be on the dog and bone
  8. Oh dear. England have lost 32-12 against the Springboks.
  9. Its now two wins needed against India and New Zealand after today's disappointing result.
  10. Oh dear, England have lost by 20 runs against Sri Lanka at Headingley.
  11. Lets not forget that this Government opposes measures brought in by the EU to prevent a repeat of the banking crisis of 2008. You can be certain that metropolitan globalist bankers over here don't want any regulations. The most unscrupulous part of the Establishment is pro-Brexit. Only an idiot could imagine that Farage, Johnson and Rees-Mogg aren't Establishment figures. They've made fools of large swathes of the population, and all hell will break loose when voters finally discover they've been made fools of by Farage and the like.
  12. You've voted for a bunch of foreigner-hating idlers who are there for the free ride.
  13. There's also the demographic effect. Seven out of every ten voters who die are Brexiteers. Eight out of every ten reaching 18 are Remainers, and because of the age gap between the typical Brexiteer and the typical Remainer we are seeing Remain's lead grow by almost 500,000 every year from reaching Crossover Day on 19th January - the day according to Peter Kellner where Britain would become a Remain country, even if nobody who voted in a future referendum changed their minds from the 2016 Referendum. Besides, by 2024, there will be more Remain voters still alive who voted in that referendum than Brexiteers thanks to that demographic effect - stripping out those who will have turned 18 since then. Another effect is improving education levels among the population - 24% of postgraduates voted for Brexit while 78% of those with few or no qualifications did so - and the number of people with few or no qualifications will shrink over time.
  14. They'd need a staggering improvement on their attendance record. Farage's was less than 41%, putting him 745th out of 746 in 2016.
  15. Those questions are much more pertinent to Farage, Johnson and the rest. Trump is letting us know he'll be boss over us in that brave new post-Brexit world that awaits of no Nissan, no Airbus, a privatised NHS and chlorinated chickens. If Farage's past is anything to go by, they'll be more familiar with the boozers of Brussels than the debating chamber of the EU Parliament. Idle Nigel was proud to hold up a clutch of mackerel in front of a trawler crew but attended only one debate out of 43 on fisheries.
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