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  1. I believe the coal merchant was next door, so number 31. I thought the coach builders were using 35? Records at the time were a bit unreliable unfortunately... It is a shame I cannot find the deeds for number 31 to shed some light on who owned the yard and out buildings...
  2. Indeed there are gates and the OS maps prove it. The yard could access some out buildings towards the back and through a second set of gates access the framing shop. I have been unable to source any pictures that are close up showing these gates, but I have a few from various angles (from picture Sheffield). Also the aerial photos form the 1939, 1960 and 1970 do not show sufficient detail. I can obtain sufficient detail from on taken in 1999, but that is a couple of years too late. I am in communication with an archivist at the library who has been very helpful. Although I have not yet found the smoking gun. However, even if I find photographic evidence that it existed it still would not show who owned the land and this is the main problem.
  3. Yes, this is a major issue as I do not particularly want to be charged over 1.5K a year just to be able to access the back garden from the side gate... The council reverted back to the 1969 deeds during the purchase and claimed the land as their own. Since I believe the land was acquired after the remaining houses were demolished (1970+), then I firmly believe the council have stolen the land and charging the real owner for access, which is pure madness. Anyway my battle continues...
  4. Thanks again. There are quite a few names to look into, but I can confirm 35 Bedford street house still exists. It was one of the few remaining on the street, purchased by my wife in 2011. However, the yard to the side, as of 1999 was 'acquired' by the council following the loss of the deeds in 1997. They then built Sheffield Community Transport, leaving a very small strip of land which allows access to her garden at the rear from the front. The council are now trying to charge my wife for the use of this land, which I believe once belonged to the house. I have a lot of circumstantial evidence, but I would like to have concrete proof to submit to the land registry to request the full freehold title.
  5. Dear Hillsbro,retep and jaffa1, thanks for all your hard work. If the owners of 35 Bedford street used to build coaches in 1905, then it would make a lot of sense why they needed a yard and the outbuildings at the back. Not sure what happened between this date and 1954 when Clayton Horace was resident of 35. Was the yard and outbuildings leased do you think? Thanks again
  6. This could be a bit off topic, but I am trying to trace "Stevenson E.A. Ltd. coal mers." from the 1954 Kelly's Directory. The address I have is 31 Bedford Street S6. Is this the same E.A. Stevensons that you refer to? Or did the company have multiple addresses? Thanks
  7. Yes thanks, that agrees with the OS, although I think 35 Bedford Street links to Court 5, and agrees from the 1954 Kelly's Directory posted by Hillsbro. The only access seems to be through a yard at the side. Not sure though if this belongs to 31,35, combination or someone else. It is a bit of a mystery, especially since the original title deeds were lost in the late 1990's and I have very limited information.
  8. Sorry, I have been a bit distracted with project deadlines and been unable to carry on this important research. Thanks for the useful information and interested if you have any photos of this party after WW2? I have also looked at the 1890 and 1952 OS maps and agree that there were yards. Do you know if these yards were co-owned between the adjoining properties or was there some other arrangement? Many thanks ---------- Post added 10-07-2017 at 10:21 ---------- Thanks Jaffa, hope the mice didn't come from number 35:). Hillsbro, that 1954 list is also very useful. I will be looking into the name there the first opportunity I get. Thanks
  9. Person6, yes the photo's on that site were very clear and useful. I obtained a large number from that site over the last week or so and a few on here. I think I need some family photo's from inside the pathway, but honestly that would be a needle in a haystack. Thanks again
  10. Thanks retap, that picture did not come up on my research, but I found other aerial photos from the 60's and 70's. Also found pictures of Bedford Street, but in every picture, it is very difficult to see any real detail of the house and surrounding land.
  11. Barry, that is very interesting and explains a lot. My wife's house has a wall with a gate next to it that is used to access a small strip of which leads to the back garden. However, according to the land registry, it does not belong to the house. Do you know who owned this passageway? Thanks, James
  12. Dear all, My wife purchased 35 Bedford Street a number of years ago and I am trying my best to trace its history. I believe this property was right opposite Joseph Tomlinson & Sons Ltd and wondering if this is where Hazel's grandmother used to live? Since the street is really unrecognizable would anyone have any photos of the property to see what the house and surroundings looked like throughout the years? Thanks
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