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  1. Jewellery maker and hand engraver looking to use a local workshop , Lathe/mill/taps /dies/pillar drill, ex apprentice competent in their use, own bar stock, need to make a few specialist tools...Kellem Island area be great
  2. Does any know where to get hand engraving done in Sheffield...old style with gravers, not a machine..any leads to this old art form, or a workshop which does it appreciated
  3. Becuase the council can do something, they can get though too, contact, service audit, their contract provider, ie Capia, better than I, or amember of the public, or the libuary staff can...
  4. With respect to Hillsborough Library, The staff are nice enough, so this is Directed at the council, please stop cutting services to the bone!!!...you had a scanner broken for a whole month, and now the printer...I cant complain to the staff, their hands are tied "we report it, we cant touch it, everything is owned by Capita". The library is more than, as Ive just been told"just for books anyway", NO , not these days when 99% of any day to day government, job, Passport, whatever business is done online.....and people cant just go , across Sheffield..your our local library!!, and thus, resources for the community , like a printer, like a scanner,like a dedicated PC station for word, and not gaming, people can use... cut everything to the bone, there wont even be any bone left....
  5. Umm ...I guess id trust one of my own rather than the post...things get s lost in the mail
  6. Hi Chaps, I have an FBR Application, going to the Irish embassy in London, its taken a lot of time and work to get all docs together...if anyone is going to London , could we meet and you take them into the Irish Embassy if travellngto London..Cheers
  7. Need a place to store a small box, while im traveling, cold give to mates , but who knows if they will move...that big yellow plac e, self storage in Hillsborough , near the Assay centre wanted 250....!!, id do it for 100
  8. Hi, If any one is going to London on Friday 27/10 morning, Id appreciate a lift, share petrol of course. 07774912170
  9. Hi All, Dad passed away on the weekend...if anyone has an old Luton(The Hatters) Football scarf they can spare, please message me.. Thanks...
  10. Sheffield has such a wonderful heritage in the manufacture of engineering tools, from Measuring tools such as Moore & Wright, to large Lathes Was wondering if there may be an old style shop, Bric a Brac etc that has many old tools... Ive been to many charity shops, and never see them
  11. Thk Jeff, thats my point, "Yes, your solicitor makes a search to find out about potential property problems"...so why aren't these "potential" problems included in the result of the first search, the one Ive paid for already, it makes no sense, what did i get for my money in the first one, just to pay for them to note 4 potential problems, and be invited to pay more, to find out what they are.....aren't I as a consumer, after being asked for payment of a search, entitled to a search....its madness, what search service have i already paid then...Id like to know. Insurance companies are smart folk, when it comes to £, if their were any potential problems , im guessing they would be first to know, and hick up quotes, commonsense, and two very reasonable insurance quotes, tell me these searches are a waste of money. ---------- Post added 01-10-2017 at 16:33 ---------- Ps its 4 X 25 a search ---------- Post added 01-10-2017 at 17:03 ---------- Jeff, shame I cant insert anm Image into this post, but just did my own coal mine and hazard search, on the online ordinance gov.uk maps, and interplayed them,on PS, I see what you mean, interesting , but Hillsborough centre all clear..25 saved, Ill try the next one, ground stability, but surely linked to mines etc.
  12. Not sure what to do, having paid fro a local Authority search, My solicitor has sent me a letter saying 4 other searches have been flagged, via teh Property search group, they are Ground Stability Ground sure flood search Energy Exploration, Fracking serach Ground sure planning search I thought thats why I paid for the original search to find these things out??... each search is about 25 pounds. Common sense says the house is close to the river Loxley, so sure its a possibility, Stability,the survey came back OK, energy exploration, i dont think they are going to start drilling fracking wells in the middle of Hillsborough anytime soon.......and the planning search, anything would surly show up in the vendors SPIF surely. not sure if its just a grab for more money or not...any advice apprecaited
  13. Yeah seems a simple form, and absolves the leaseholder from being bound by any such free/landowner covenents...but, who knows , im hearing some horror stories
  14. "Failure to comply"!!! what rubbish its just a forced admin charge, words like "comply" sound not be thrown around, besides The Commonhold And Leasehold Reform Act 2002 will means landowners cannot have a say in which building insurance company a householder uses, provided it is with a reputable company and notice of the details is given to the ground landlord
  15. Thx for the replies, Jeff, its a leasehold house, as many are in Sheffield, a quirk of this city, you may know why, something to do wit hold landowners...i think AA is OK...about 250
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