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  1. I have a 13 month old female tabby she's a little nervous at first but give her some paper and she will play for hours
  2. Amount £30 Reason for Rehome - doesn't get on with dog / Sale Time Scale – How Urgent? ASAP Has the Cat ever been in Rescue -NO Location WALKLEY Age & Sex -14 MONTHS FEMALE Vaccinated & Wormed -YES Neutered & Micro chipped- YES Breed/ Mix Colour/markings - BSH GREY BLACK AND WHITE Long/Shorthaired -SHORT Live in ONLY and out Used to a cat flap NO Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals CATS ONLY DISLIKES DOGS Any Current or Historical Health - NO or Psychological Issues NO Temperament NERVOUS OK with Dogs / Cats CATS ONLY Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching NO Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching TRIED BUT SHE DON'T LIKE IT THINKS YOUR PLAYING Good or Bad with Children DON'T KNOW Dislike of Men or Women NONE Housetrained YES Any further General Information you can share SHE'S OK ONCE SHE GETS USED TO YOU
  3. We have a 1 yr old cat that spayed and up to date with all vaccinations she don't get on with dogs as she's very timid she is ok once she gets to know you she be ok with older children
  4. Reason for Rehome / Sale* no time Time Scale – How Urgent?*Asap Sale Amount £100 Has the Dog been in Rescue no Location*walkley Age & Sex*4 months and female Breed/ Mix*cocker/Springer spaniel KC Registered no Approximate size*medium Exercise Needed lots Neutered & Micro chipped no but micro chipped Vaccinated & Wormed yes Live in / out. in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals cat Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues*no Temperament hyper active Good or Bad with Children*good Dislike of Men or Women*no OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals cats she chases but ok in park with other dogs Travel OK in Car* Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time in crate yes Destructive Behaviour chews wood Barks not much Pull on the lead yes Crate trained yes Housetrained*yes odd mistakes in house General Information you can share about the Dog. Poppy is a fun loving pup but needs a lot of exercise and play she does sit when asked she is ok in park off lead with other dogs ______ ---------- Post added 29-06-2017 at 13:00 ---------- Sorry she's gone
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