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  1. I'm sure it's not that difficult to do it yourself. All you'd need is a compatible cable to connect the VCR to the laptop, and the right software. Free online I think.
  2. What about dentists who charge about £22 for a 5 minute check-up?
  3. It's a film I bought for about £6.00. Granted, it's not a huge amount, but I dont really want to 'lose' it.
  4. Thanks TC. And is there anything to rectify the problem? Apart from taking a hammer to it?
  5. Hi all. It plays fine in an actual DVD player, but not when inserted into the laptop. Other DVDs are ok, and they're all region 2. After the DVD's in the laptop, it makes a funny clunky, whirry sound which doesn't happen with other DVDs. I left it for a couple of minutes to see if the laptop would eventually recognise it, but nothing. I've a HP laptop running Win 7 if that's any help. Thanks.
  6. Thanks TCH. Certainly didn't know that. Much appreciated 😊
  7. Hi all. Does the entire show take part in a studio, or are some parts of it recorded outside? Listening to it at the moment, and it sounds as if they're actually out in the countryside somewhere. Or is it all pretty good sound effects? Thanks.
  8. They must stink when they actually get into the office. I doubt every workplace in the country has showers.
  9. There's more Islamophobia than anti-Semitism, but I've never heard Muslims wanting to leave the UK because of the attacks and abuse towards them. Surely the first step would be to go to the Police if you or your loved ones are being threatened? Bit of a leap to actually want to leave the country in which you were brought up in, and presumably sacrifice your livelihood there too.
  10. Why would anyone use windscreen jets when it's icy?? Surely after the outside temperature's risen, they should start working in any case? Re. an icy windscreen; I just let the engine run for about 5 mins which is how long it takes for the 'cold light' to go out, and then put the heater on full power for a couple more minutes to clear the screen (both inside and out).
  11. What a load of nonsense. Where's your evidence of this?
  12. Thanks medusa. And is it usually in April when the prices increase, or could it really be anytime of the year?
  13. Hi all. As per the thread title, do the costs increase year-on-year? Or is it every couple or so years? Thanks.
  14. Hi all. As the thread title suggests, will an NHS dentist fix or replace an old crown that's become crooked over the years? It stands out from the rest of the teeth and a gap has also formed. It's on the top tooth btw. Will they just say no because it's now a cosmetic issue, or will they replace it with a brand new one? Thanks.
  15. Hi all. I know there's some info re. exemption from jury service for religious reasons, but does it normally apply only if you're a Christian? What if a Muslim was called up and he/she said they need to pray 5 times daily as per their Faith? Which would interfere with the trial? Would the judge or court clerk see that as a valid reason for exemption? Thanks.
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