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  1. Hi all. Is it possible for fibre broadband to travel down ordinary copper telephone wire? Or does there need to be a completely new line installed for fibre? Thanks.
  2. It's like that other rapist, Warboys. You wonder if their names had anything to do with their sick actions.
  3. Why is the Wimbledon crowd so smug? They seem to laugh at anything the players do. Highly annoying twits.
  4. Hi all. I'm expecting a delivery from Royal Mail and then I receive a scam text asking to pay a delivery charge otherwise the parcel will be sent back to the sender. I'm more worried about how the scammer knows about the delivery. Has someone from Royal Mail passed on my details to them? I can't think of any other way they could have gotten the info.
  5. Why is Starmer such a wet blanket? And is he really a Tory plant? That's the only explanation why the Conservatives were so successful in the elections.
  6. I don't like the 'changed' fragrance even though it's supposed to be exactly the same as before.
  7. Hi all. Is there a reason why certain producers of anti-perspirants/deodorants always change the fragrance every couple of years? And for the worse too? Over that time I've noticed Brut, Sure, and Right Guard all doing the same. I tend to buy about 5 or 6 in one go, and by the time I need another 'set', they've gone and changed the fragrance 😠 As mentioned, this has happened to all the producers I've highlighted above. Why they do it, I'll never know. Really bad for the consumer.
  8. Could FB be blocking mass IP addresses? That's the only logical reason I can think of.
  9. Hi all. Everytime I try to create a FB account, I always get an error message to say it's been disabled?! Why is this happening? I've cleared cookies and even changed IP address, but still no joy. What could be wrong? ☹
  10. If he was Muslim, it'd be front page news for days. Islamophobia sells.
  11. Thanks FM for all your patience and hard work in this thread. Much appreciated 😊
  12. Hi again. I don't live too far from the Bradford area and the waste is in reference to household. Here's a link for a bit more info: https://www.bradford.gov.uk/recycling-and-waste/household-waste-recycling-centres/residents-permits-for-household-waste-recycling-centres/
  13. Hi all. I don't live in Sheffield but presumably the procedure will be the same for all councils in England. Once you're issued ssued with a permit, do you need to show any other proof to the guy at the waste disposal site? And what does the actual permit say? Will it have your name and address on it? If no other evidence is required to dispose of your waste, then it's a pretty farcical show. I mean, you could give it to anyone you like from anywhere in the area, not just those in your household. Unless I'm wrong of course. Thanks.
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