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  1. thanks for that message you really are a wealth of information. you will have to get the single out of retitrement and put it on e bay (see previous posts) i am sure we will be having a great party and still making him do Shimmy shimmy (one last time ) !!!
  2. How exciting !! it seems weird to think that people have been dancing to my brothers song when we have all thought that we were the only ones that knew of it and get it out every christmas and partys and sing along. even better if he is at the party cos we always make him sing it. i found last year a cd on the internet called freakbeat vol 2 and it had both songs on it. thanks for your coments.
  3. I have spoke to my sister who is a bit younger than my brothers and she said she was a bit too young for the black cat and the blue moon but she used to go to the esquire (her first all nighter) and shades ( she still has her membership cards for them all) but i am sure that my other two brothers will have gone to all of them because they are older than my sister.
  4. that is really interesting information.I have bought my brother the original Shimmy Shimmy By little Antony and the imperials for his birthday. My brother was the lead singer with Chicago line. do you remember him ??[/i]
  5. where did you get that information from ?? my copy is not in mint condition as we always get it out at partys and have a good sing song and bop to it but will ask my brother if he still has a copy. thanks for the information.
  6. Hi he was from High Green and my other brother and sister used to go all the time too, it sounds like it was the place to be in the 60s or (maybe it just gets more flowered with the passing years) !!!
  7. thanks for that information it made interesting reading. my brother has that book already but i enjoyed reading the link. thanks
  8. Hi I was wondering if anyone used to go to the mojo club in the 60s ? my brother used to be in a band called Chicago line and they released a single called Shimmy shimmy ko ko bop / jump back legend has it that Peter stringfellow (then their manager ) sang backing vocals. its my brothers 60th birthday party this weekend and we would love to share some storys from the good old days !!!! thanks
  9. thanks Andy there is some really good information there for us.
  10. Hi we are coming from Birmingham for a stag night in Sheffield. can anyone recomend any good pubs / bars & restaurants ???? thanks
  11. thanks Glynn i will give them a try. do you think that they will have the info available on a web site? as i work long hrs and do not have the chance to go in to the library.
  12. Hi Nimrod thanks for that. I had heard that the italians painted the inside of St Marys church and that when the Americans were there they used to go training in westwood. do you know where i may find any photo's i think this extremely interesting. Bali
  13. Hi does anyone have any photos / maps of the prison of war camp that was in high green on Potter hill ? (now the site of the council estate near the fosters.) we now live there and everyone keeps telling us about this POW camp and it would be interesting to see some photos. many thanks
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