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  1. If it helps you to sleep at night let’s agree somewhere between £8 & £15m… there you go fixed for you
  2. Signed just now for a substantial fee Brazilian midfielder from Belgium club no one’s heard of … now for Hamer who is left out of Coventry s squad and did not travel for tonight’s match
  3. Signed for Burnley for £15 m 5 15! now get it spent ! could buy the entire Wednesday team and have some change…..on second thoughts don’t bother
  4. Not being pedantic Hamer = Coventry player there’s a whole list of possibles but thats the reality
  5. … and another 25000 couldn’t get in cos they were rejected by the new state of the ark turnstile It’s what you get when the once a year fire stick gang get let out….. United had the same problem against spurs in the cup last season
  6. Nah he didn’t play! Won 3-0 seriki Norwood (pen) and marsh scored in 2nd behind closed doors game …. So I’m told!
  7. At last signs for £5m from arsenal .USA international new no 5 . Birmingham player of the season last year onwards and upwards
  8. At last signs for £5m from arsenal .USA international new no 5 . Birmingham player of the season last year onwards and upwards
  9. Absolutely spot on . Mr Bassett really needs to get out more and give credit where credits due..
  10. Mr Bassett …, whilst one can only respect your continued rallying calls you really maybe need to research more? darren Moore just happened to be the manager when your apparent hero mr chancer tried it on unsuccessfully and was solely responsible for that points deduction and relegation as others point out Wednesday have been in division one only twice in the period involved not three finally it’s a bit of a myth about about bringing players in and only two parties know the actual facts on why Darren left anyway as you say onward and upwards
  11. Soooo…… I must caution you there. Only last Friday on a different thread Wednesdays financial expert on here , dr tops wrote “ Owlstalk in no way represents the majority of SWFC fans, it's run by a woke leftie clown “!. I regret therefore that your comments count for nothing …. Zero in fact!
  12. Saw that as well plus his goal celebration at chesterfield was not his norm friendly or not amyway no player is bigger than the club so onward and upward anyway my itker ( gypsy rose lee) shared some possibilities about McAtee but darent tell that cos it will probably be wrong again! keep the faith!
  13. Do oh! Sooo much for them in the knowers looks like he’s off tonight for £14.5m gonna be a lot of unhappy blades drowning their sorrows shortly
  14. No problem thanks it will indeed be interesting to see who is correct with all these rumours
  15. Obviously not cos as we all know Watford wee 2nd when he got them promoted!
  16. That’s interesting cos the best IN the knower at the lane today says all that remains is to agree the release clause and he signs a 3 year deal with dem blades…. It’s supposed to be very close let’s see your source cos me think’s somewhere is the truth! Your source is not the world’s greatest journalist at the stir is it ?
  17. Would you kindly keep out of my discussion with dr top as regards your vocabulary of late maybe you need to see a doctor too… you aren’t related to the forums doctor are you?
  18. And so dr tops how is it you know mr chancer is not bothered, how do you know what dosh has been paid or not. Simply put unless you are part of his inner sanctum you don’t have a clue . As to whether 99% of Wednesday fans aren’t bothered then apparently there was , according to my Wednesday mates, a topic on that icon of forums called owlstalk about this very subject (you know the one). It reached over 13 pages of debate with many dismayed at the reputational damage this might cause their club. Guess was ? The post was closed down and no more discussion is allowed. Not allowed to talk about such things You have your own opinions and I have mine. Never as with your rants on covid etc then if you don’t like it or can’t back up your claims you , and your current lap dog resort to playground name calling which will frankly get you nowhere whatsoever. you haven’t incidentally told us who in you knowledge has actually made the payments you think have been made As to your “mates” claim all this resolved by simply accepting the words of the stirs Wednesday apologist then I give in.
  19. Sooo …. You’re now aligning yourself with the stirs guess work which clearly says it is”thought” a 2nd payment was made. Like you they also forget that promotion happened well after wandisco found their problems and richards resigned albeit said not to be connected. Please tell who made this 2nd payment and when?
  20. Soooo….. back on topic you seem I believe to be confused? From the “evidence “ available to date it seems that a deal was done twixt Wednesday and e yup in 2022 and the suggestion is that some $362000 was then paid to Wednesday again in 2022 (we are not told yet exactly when all this took place but it maybe that transaction appears in the soon to be released Wednesday accounts for 21/22). Maybe it won’t be what is unclear is whether the additional $362000 agreed as part of said deal has been paid to date. It is suggested this sum was contingent upon Wednesday being promoted which was after the play off final hence your suggestion payment of this was made prior to the alleged fraud at wandisco coming to light in March 23 would be incorrect. ? If so Wednesday would be some $362000 short which must be of some concern ….. why it would allegedly pay the annual salary of a star player! you are correct in that in their last accounts e yup had very limited assets . They were incorporated in April 21 and it is doubtful they as a company have sufficient means to pay the possibly outstanding $362000 and it seems certain wandisco will not be coughing up either as they are not obligated. sooooo….. I put it to you there is every likelihood therefore of Wednesday being some $362000 short on this deal?
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