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  1. 4 hours ago, bassett one said:

    we may not build a stadium for snooker but many countrys would, lets be honest the crucible needs re-bulding the arena needs re-building , we are a dated city and need investment, we need access to town , we need a busy city centre, but its a mess

    Sorry but yet another ridiculous comment! When was the last time you ventured to the  crucible? Did you go see Richard Hawleys master piece? Did you venture to any production? No I bet is the answer? 
    The big money in snooker has moved on whether we like it or not. It’s a bit like the premier league ….. money talks . It is unreasonable to expect scc to splash cash they haven’t got for 3 weeks of glorified pot black in my view. Let it go and concentrate on investing elsewhere in the city . It’s time to face reality and look for alternatives cos little sheffield will have all on competing with them Chinese or Saudis

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  2. Agreed …. In Sheffield has to be weatheralls …but Percy turners are as good …..shame they apparently won’t deliver to shops here cos there would be some competition…..Potters of Barnsley are also good and they do deliver….you can get them in the market if you search

    nelsons at Bakewell were also as good ….we used to get them at xmas

    not sure about the rest but who buys those ridiculous melton Mowbray things sold in supermarkets….that’s what you call crap ! 

    best warm with a pile of mushies and gravy? 

  3. 3 hours ago, ads36 said:

    the problem with extending the Herdings line to Meadowhead, is that you'd be sat on the tram for 20 mins, and still be no nearer the city centre, so what's the point?


    The point is this great suggestion could take a considerable amount of cars etc off the road which surely is the main point of the exercise? r Run properly the good folk of NE Derbyshire might be persuaded to use a park and ride scheme ? 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, RollingJ said:

    Mr. Coppard likes to claim it's all his doing, but we'll ignore that as we know it is a falsehood.


    One assumes these 'staff' know what they are doing, but from what I have observed, I have my doubts - it appears they haven't considered the security aspect of parking half a million pounds worth of hardware at an apparently insecure location, for instance.



    Correct! Shouldn’t the  man at the top take responsibility for good or bad outcomes….or will he point a finger at the minions who clearly failed in this respect ?

    Are these vehicles insured? If so with/by whom as surely they will have appropriate warranties which need to be complied with ….or the cover is negated? 

    If they are “self insured “ maybe the good old rate/tax payer will pay

    complete b#### up once again by a group of amateurs?

  5. 3 minutes ago, SheffieldForum said:

    I've checked my paperwork and have received two sets of correspondence:


    1: Polling card for local election and regional mayoral election


    2: Sperate booklet pertaining to the mayoral election (which states on the envelope that they are required by law to send the booklet to each person entitled to vote in this election


    Are these what people are meaning in this thread as to two sets of 'voting papers'?


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  6. My god the level of sarcasm on here would make Oscar Wilde turn in his grave! As per the usual know it alls miss the point! Of course it’s a criminal offence to complete 2 sets of papers… of course the papers hopefully are scanned….but you miss the point (again) that someone presumably at scc has sent out duplicates not just to me but according to our postie to dozens in the Manor castle ward thereby wasting everyone’s time and ratepayers money

    As for telling Scc then first I have a jig saw to finish and second I am sure the council apologists on here will have done that already?

  7. 14 minutes ago, horribleblob said:

    I was thinking along similar lines but also that such an operation close by could lead to more air freight going to DSA. Wishful thinking perhaps.

    Think you can forget hybrid airships etc! This firm in fact built one in 2016 ….. it crashed on its debut before crashing again one year later and being scrapped. They have failed to build any since and given it’s top speed is 80 mph and a limited capacity then despite the eco thinking which go ahead customers are going to invest …? 

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  8. 49 minutes ago, geared said:

    I guess it's a case of prove us all wrong then.


    Personally I agree with others, this is a vanity project, the people in charge are not competent enough to manage the project, whatever feasibility studies they have  done will turn out to be drastically flawed and very poorly executed, and the entire thing will fall apart, costing us the tax payer alot of money.


    It will end as a millstone around the neck of South Yorkshire, and the morons that put it there will swan off to another job, accepting zero blame.

    Completely agree! Despite unfounded claims above from other posters there is no commercial sense in proceeding currently. A few private jets and ‘a bit of passenger’ (ha ha)will not be sustainable and in any event those who use go in and out of Gamston . The fact is that due to historic mistakes the 3000 or so folk employed in connection with DSA were put out of work and coppards crew seem intent on ignoring the opportunities which commercial development of the site would bring . The fact Peel took our representatives apart is unfortunate but it’s time to put that down to experience and move on . I predict nothing will change for months / years . 

  9. How much longer are Coppard and his lackeys  going to carry on wasting their time and taxpayers cash on what is a pure vanity project of no commercial sense whatsoever. Much as DSA would be marginally more convenient there remain 3 more realistic alternatives within 90 minutes max. 
    the fact that Peel had the council’s pants down from the start ( as with Sheffield City)

    only goes to prove that most councillor’s and a large proportion of their advisors here have little nous between them . Stop the ego trip and concentrate on matters of more relevance etc 

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  10. 3 hours ago, SheffieldForum said:

    Nestled in the heart of Sheffield City Centre, West Street stands as a vibrant beacon of entertainment, culture, and lifestyle. Known for its dynamic mix of pubs, bars, shops, restaurants, takeaways, and student accommodation, West Street is not just a street; it's a destination. Celebrated as one of the liveliest spots in the steel city of South Yorkshire, it offers a unique blend of youthful energy and diverse attractions.


    West Street's Nightlife: A Youthful Energy. The Heartbeat of Sheffield's Social Scene.


    When the sun sets, West Street transforms into the epicenter of nightlife in Sheffield. Catering to the vibrant student population from Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University, the street buzzes with an infectious youthful vibe. Whether you're in the mood for a cozy student pub, a vibrant nightclub, or a trendy cocktail bar, West Street has something for everyone. It's the perfect place to experience Sheffield's lively night scene, offering a rich tapestry of social experiences.


    Culinary Delights: Food and Drink on West Street. Diverse Options for Every Taste and Budget.


    Amidst the bustling nightlife, West Street also prides itself on its culinary diversity. From mouth-watering takeaways to exquisite restaurants, the street offers a plethora of dining options. Whether you're looking for a quick bite before a night out or a leisurely meal to enjoy the street's lively atmosphere, there's no shortage of choices. Catering to all tastes and budgets, West Street ensures that every visitor can find something to satisfy their appetite.


    West Street by Day: A Blend of Commerce and Culture. More Than Just Nightlife.


    While West Street is synonymous with nightlife, its daytime persona is equally charming. The street is lined with a variety of shops and apartments, offering a glimpse into the daily life of Sheffield's residents. The presence of the tram running down the street adds a quaint touch to the urban landscape, inviting visitors to explore at a leisurely pace. It's a place where you can experience the city's culture, shop at local boutiques, or simply enjoy a day out in Sheffield.


    West Street in Sheffield City Centre is more than just a street; it's a vibrant community that embodies the spirit of the city. Whether you're drawn to its lively nightlife, diverse culinary scene, or the daytime hustle and bustle, West Street offers a unique and unforgettable experience. It stands as a testament to Sheffield's cultural diversity and youthful energy, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

    Who the hell writes this rubbish that you keep posting? Do you work for the council? 

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  11. Interesting topic but what is not emphatically clear is whether these current ‘homeless’ are there because they can’t afford to buy/ rent or because there is a city wide shortage of social type housing….. it seems most are saying the latter?

    in which case please discuss the impact on availability by the 67000 ish students  who now attend our 2 universities? There are around 10000 ‘foreign’ students and all require accommodation but not for a 12 months period 

    ok some live in residences but a large part rent stock housing or so called apartments. This surely removes those from being available to the aforementioned homeless 

    what’s the answer ? Well maybe scc should stop had out planning approvals to yet more student housing and instead concentrate on the alleged 4000 homeless?

    in the words of mr Bassett discuss please!

  12. 1 hour ago, Baron99 said:

    My bold. 


    Now, now, everyone has the right to peaceful & legal protest but I do get what you mean. 


    I wasn't down that way Saturday morning but usually when one of these Palestinian protests are taking place, the meeting point in our area is the corner of Moncrieffe Rd., at Nether Edge while waiting to catch the 56 into the city. 


    There's usually a small gathering of approx 8 to 10, average 60+, mainly women, (only ever seen one man), a placard or two, some with Palestinian flags drapped over shoulders.   All white, all very middle class, all very polite as you'd expect from Nether Edge residents.   


    I'm surmising here but I'll take a punt & say retired lecturers & social workers in the main & during the week, 'ladies who lunch'.  I will guarantee though that having protested outside Waitrose yesterday, today like me, they'll be shopping in there for their quinoa, Himalayan pink salt & perhaps their Israeli dates. 

    Exactly! Same saddo nether edgers with nothing else to do… need to get a life . Recall being confronted by them way before the current situation at Waitrose and had to run over one old gits foot with mi trolley

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  13. What time of day ? If you follow the instructions above during hours of darkness you will undoubtedly be confronted by the scumbags who inhabit the steel steps be they druggies or riff raff . Despite the cctv installation it can usually be a nightmare for anti social behaviour and one which local councillors have been trying for months to eradicate. Indeed a public meeting was recently convened by councillors at the trades and labour club to see what can be done and there are suggestions roads will be blocked . Personally I would give that route a miss and seek out a bus from the interchange which I believe go up Shrewsbury road and duke street …..drop you at the door. Sorry you’ll have to look the numbers up but do not walk after dark! Bad advice!

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  14. 10 minutes ago, Irene Swaine said:

    Unless it's an emergency, it's a gross misuse of power to tell you to leave the area. Strange. It may be worth complaining to the IPCC.

    Not necessary on the evidence available to date and in any event the IPCC deals with climate change nowt to do with old bill Think you mean IOPC?

    so called police cameras do not operate as described and as pointed out earlier the chances are these are operated privately on private land by a security company 


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  15. 10 hours ago, SheffieldForum said:


    Sheffield has been awarded the Purple Flag for the 12th year running.


    “Excellence in the Evening and Night-Time Economy

    Vibrant, night-time economies do not happen by accident. Innovation, curation, planning and partnership are all key elements to creating a destination that can delight users after dark.


    Purple Flag is an international accreditation programme that aims to reward those who achieve this in their destinations after dark. Purple Flag strives to help create safe and thriving locations at night for all users.”



    Wow…… and who were the other contenders? Only 16 reported city centre stabbings, god knows how many scrap’s and numerous other crimes reported or not . What a load of crap!

  16. 27 minutes ago, hackey lad said:

    I thought that was the point of the Amey contract 

    could mr planner enlighten us and confirm there is a long term contract with Amey and that includes attention to so called pot holes? If so then what if anything has changed such they are not so doing ? Did the contract include for cost additions  and how can we mere rate payers be sure the council are supervising this contract diligently?


  17. 54 minutes ago, Padders said:

    I built a snowman yesterday Mr. P.

    Somebody has nicked it and left me a pool of muddy water....

    Which reminds me … the other day on a certain nether edge Facebook forum a local cafe ,where no doubt all the knitted jumper brigade  indulge in kidney bean soup followed by spicy nettle tea ,“ invited” their clientele to come along and make a SNOWPERSON…… I mean  wtf … god knows how they decorated that! No wonder this country is in a mess. 

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  18. Just an honest opinion

    whilst they have a difficult job and much is down to opinion having watched football for over 70 years it seems clear to me that the standard of officiating has never been so low

    both Sheffield teams have suffered with horrendous decision making this season and last night Simon hooper was probably the worst of the lot aided and abetted by the var team. How on earth the tackle on bogle in the lead up to the second goal was not a foul is beyond understanding. After his horror show against Man City then he carried on the momentum. Inconsistent all night and sadly I am coming to the conclusion the premier league is not what it should be and officials are bent ……or are they all so poor. 
    that said United were much improved and showed more “passion” than was evident for weeks … oh for a modern Keith Hackett 

  19. Whilst many councillors have no grasp or experience of such matters they seem to rely upon the so called expertise of their council officers many of whom are evidentially unfit for purpose. It’s high time they were brought to task and where necessary disposed of post haste. Will that happen well no cos we’ve seen too many examples of waste and no one pays the price

    meanwhile the elusive Kate Joseph’s is complaining yesterday that government is not subbing our council sufficiently.  To coin a phrase what have the romans ( aka k Joseph’s) ever done for us? Answer on a fag packet please

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