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  1. Here tha goes again. You are completely wrong and I am not whoever you think I am. You seem to have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with me and you are just wasting your time. My name is Zeb and I work as a lagger, I don't know who you think I am other than what the other member told me but you are comically wrong. Your negative attitude, rudeness and hostility won't prevent me from posting and giving my opinion if that is what you are hoping. In reply to your question, Yes I actually watch a good bit of the development football. The majority of the defenders are younger, inexperienced and are not yet fully developed physicality wise.
  2. Still got a big game against Stoke coming up and even if he misses that it is no real issue in my eyes as full fitness has to be a priority. By the sounds of it Evans was given a staggered training regime at Chesterfield to get him back into shape gradually therefore it is no shock that he got injured. He then went on a paid for his own structured training programme out of his own pocket in order to get himself fit enough for the move to us and his now undergoing a strict fitness programme to get him 100% match fit again. He has had a couple of minor niggles and it has been a slow burner so far but he will get there. In the meantime Wilder is in the market for a striker with Will Grigg very heavily rumoured amongst others. We have Billy and a very lively looking Lavery and others in rotation. I'm not worried at all. Would rather Ched comes in to the fold fully fit that throw in in and lose him to a strain or tear for 6 to 8 weeks later on.
  3. Wednesday won't win the cup will they so might as well give young George a competitive run out in that and see if he is any good. He wasn't a world beater in the Toulon really and was regularly out muscled by big boys, luckily David Brooks was there to offer him stuff on a plate and win him penalties really. In the development league he very rarely came up against big lads at the back and the championship would be a huge step up and shock to the system for a very slender young lad. If you play him in the league then it has to happen in the first half of the season and not the business end.
  4. No we played in our new fantastic purple kit and despite initial concerns that it may have been a little dull, it is a beautiful kit. Had it been blue as you put it, then it wouldn't be our first away shirt that touches on dark blue as we have had a couple in the past. This one is most definitely a beautiful, deep, ribena purple. It is a very classy kit indeed but then this is what you come to expect from one of the finest manufacturers on the market in Adidas. ---------- Post added 22-07-2017 at 13:38 ---------- It is meant to be a nothing injury and more the chance to get himself 100% fit again.
  5. Finished 1-2 to us for any blades who didn't know. Was a really good match and Rotherham played quite defensively which meant we had to play some very good football to cut them open. Some of the attacking, passing play was as I have seen from us in Wilder's management so far. A negative being that Moore was stretchered off early doors. Not too sure what happened there to be honest but hopefully just a precaution fingers crossed. What was interesting is that Wilder played his normal wing back thing and it is still working very well and the new players are adapting to it very well with some very nice, wide, passing play. It looks also however that Wilder is looking at that switch to 4-4-2 when he needs to and we look steady but still attacking never the less. Brooks looks great again and made the second goal which was scored by Stevens who also looks like he has settled very well and looks lively. Duffy is fit now as well and came on late so no doubt will play Stoke and a big mention for Lavery who is looking the best he has looked for us and caused Rotherham loads of hassle. ---------- Post added 21-07-2017 at 22:48 ---------- He held back of his leg for a moment but then looked ok but then went down with it. Didn't look in agony or anything but obviously uncomfortable with something to go down. Don't really know Lien. ---------- Post added 21-07-2017 at 22:53 ---------- Just seen Wilder's interview and he said that he felt something tight at back of knee and that as a precaution he came off and will have a scan this weekend. Hopefully more nothing than anything but never the less we are in the process of bringing in another keeper. Would be a shame though as Moore is really solid.
  6. Local sports journalists get it wrong quite a bit as we all know therefore please feel free to provide actual evidence of this said £3m bid.
  7. If you would be kind enough to provide a bit of proof of this said bid? Only in this day and age it is normal for agents to "instigate interest" in order to bag his player a better deal and line his own pocket. Apparently United lodged bids for and were supposedly desperate to sign Jason McCarty? Well at least up until Chris Wilder absolutely laughed it off when asked about him. He then went on to explain that he wasn't ever on our radars and that we weren't interested in him and sure as hell didn't table any bids for him. And then we have the social media generation in which rubbish / spoof twitter rumours these days get spread around like wildfire before being picked up on by lazy journalists and even bookmakers.
  8. I will when you answer my question of how it has proven detrimental to the club? And how the double sale of Walker and Naughton for £10m was detrimental and led to us tumbling from the top flight to league one?
  9. And you attribute this to selling academy players? The only notable academy transfers out of the club at that time was a double transfer of Naughton and Walker, both of whom were young and raw. Whilst this wasn't a welcome move for us fans, it raised a ridiculous amount of money, which at that point the club needed to balance the books. Needless to say that the sale of these two players wasn't the reason for our decline, walker even came back on loan and couldn't do much to help a club in free fall. Our tumble down the leagues was nothing to do with Academy sales what so ever and I am bewilder as to how you are trying to attribute it as being detrimental? Please provide an explanation and proof? The real reason behind our downfall was that our fall from the top flight led to a huge transition in the club. Top flight clubs and even Championship clubs cherry picked our best talent in Tongue, Kilgallon, Beattie, Kenny, Cotterill and many more as they knew we needed to get the wage bill down in the long term and balance the books. Over the course of several seasons, bad management led to mediocre replacements being brought in and a heavy reliance on the loan system, inevitably this cost us in the long term. Nothing in the slightest to do with your "theory".
  10. In what way have our academy player sales been detrimental to the club? Pull the other one! #envy
  11. This is what makes me chuckle so much when they harp on about our chairman and his comments regarding "Liverpool sized investment". Whilst this may be yet to be seen, we now know that you can beat Wednesday and achieve promotion with Rotherham sized investment so happy days.
  12. John Lundstram is undergoing a medical up at Shirecliffe this afternoon. Another very shrewd signing by Chris Wilder as he snaps up another Captain and Player of the season 16/17. The former Everton academy prospect spent his younger career doing the rounds on loan however joined Oxford in 2015 and stood out to the extent that he was made captain at 23 years old. He then went on to lead his team to promotion as captain. Ticks all the boxes, brings leadership and current form to the party. This doesn't end our interest in a creative midfield such as Leonard as Lundstram is more a defensive midfielder. According to Wilder, we are still very much in the chase for Leonard also.
  13. In answer to your question, three of our academy players have graduated into the first team set up in recent months and all three have been heavily involved in our pre-season set up. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the new "british quota" rules mean that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep hold of young players, especially in League One anyway. Whilst selling young talent isn't ideal, it can't really be avoided and the sales have generated income which has gone into first team recruitment (eg Calvert Lewin most recently).
  14. May I remind the Owlerton mob that David Brooks very recently outclassed your very own "wonderkid" George Hirst in the Toulon Tournament? Against Cuba, our lad stole the show and as a result was man of the match. As matter of fact Hirst should thank him really as it was Brook ripping the oppositions back four the pieces that got Hirst his goals, what with his assists and then penalty which he selflessly allowed Hirst to take. You can conclusively say that Brooks made that hat-trick for Hirst. As the tournament went on Brooks was by far the stand out man for England and in the tournament as a whole, it was no wonder to see him named player of the tournament really was it. I must say that after all this talk of Hirst being "world class" based on his academy level goals, I did expect a lot more from him. He scored 4 goals in the tournament, two of which pens and three of which made by Brooks, who scored two himself. I can only conclude that should you lot adjudge Brooks to be anything less than absolute quality, then George Hirst isn't all that really is he?
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