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  1. If it's a call out it is likely to cost more than a booked appointment. If it's not an emergency I would advise planning/ booking the work in advance or as advised above use a day during the week.
  2. Hi, Firstly, Wow that is a lot happening in a few short months for any parent let alone a new parent. Whilst I can't really comment on the situation as a whole my advice regarding cafcas would be to tell the whole truth. You have just stated with regards to the 101 calls that you do not know for certain where or how your child is. Don't hide things from the people put there to help, let them help. You don't need to slate your ex, just be honest. I can't imagine the position any absent parent is in when a relationship breaks down especially if it wasn't your choice but you need to keep trying for your sons sake. Also, I wouldn't mention the itemised phone bill etc I know you probably pay the bill or it's in your name and legally the bill is your property but if she's claiming you're harassing her mentioning you know who she's been calling will only add fuel to the fire and give her a bigger stick to beat you with.
  3. Add to that lots of builders get materials at a discounted trade price, it's unlikely that you will but it does mean you can shop around as you're not just limited to one company for materials. Doing it yourself, what you may save in some areas may cost you more in others. Have you sorced any quotes from builders for labour only?
  4. I honestly don't think it is as black and white as they just won't rehome to someone who works. If Mr & Mrs Jones want to adopt a dog but they are away from the house at work from 8am - 6pm but their cousins, friends, neighbours, window cleaner is going to pop in and let the dog out for 10 mins. Do you think a rescue would view that as in the best interest of a dog? Whereas Mr & Mrs Smith work the same hours as above but their daughter/son is only at college/work for a few hours a week and can be at home with the dog or Mr Smith can come home at lunch to tend to the dog or they have a professional dog walker who spends an hour each day exercising/feeding the dog while they are at work. This is a better option for a dog but both owners still work full time! Basically I see it as anyone moaning that they were turned away from rehoming because they work, were unable/unwilling to adapt their lives to the needs of a dog so why should a dog adapt/suffer just because a human wants a new dog?
  5. It was the security system which had gone off not a fire. Though it does fill the store with smoke apparently.
  6. Doesn't teeny rescue rabbits? I think that's who I'm thinking of anyway x
  7. Hi everyone, My friend has mentioned needing help regarding a cat which has chosen her home as it's own. It turned up skinny and unloved and visibly a stray, she began feeding the cat as she could not see it go hungry. This cat has since pretty much moved in, my friend is not allowed pets in her property and is also heavily pregnant so wanted to find this cat some help sooner rather than later. She has contacted the RSPCA who advised her to leave it outside and stop feeding it, I know she will not be able to do this no matter how desperate she may get. Is there any other advice? The cat hasn't been checked for a chip as my friend has no transport but it vary rarely goes elsewhere and didn't have a collar hence her assuming it is stray! We have also had no luck finding a missing advert for her! She (the cat) is very friendly and they would keep her if they could unfortunately that is not an option. What can they do? They just want to find her a loving home. Thank you S5 area.
  8. I would be tempted to get a plumber to check the tap itself before having any other work done. Have kingkraft been to check the water pressure or is that just a guess on their part? I'm assuming there will be a charge for them fitting the valve so maybe get a second opinion.
  9. Jason at JTek his number is 07792 558841 he is very good and highly recommended. Natalie
  10. What was the reason the first tap was removed? If you don't mind me asking. Was it a replacement for the exact same brand/model tap? Also who is it that has told you that it is a pressure issue and not a fault with the tap?
  11. Looks like the puppies have been found!! http://www.southyorks.police.uk/news-syp/police-find-missing-doncaster-puppies-and-make-three-arrests
  12. Use the contact us link over there <<< (if you haven't already) someone from the moderating team will pick it up and contact you.
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