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  1. I'm with you there. I fail to understand why some people get hung up on a word instead of the termination of life. Killing is a very serious business, rarely undertaken lightly.
  2. No point, it's all wrong. From IATA (you mean EASA) to the decades old CAA still being a functioning body rather than needing 5-10 years to create a new one. It's all wrong. Wrong.
  3. None of the people I knew killed themselves on impulse, and I wouldn't confuse using deadly means with aggression. Each left ample evidence that it was well planned and executed (forgive the phraseology). Dispair and intent are better words.
  4. No. At least not according to something I came across. Women "attempt" suicide more often than men, generally by poisoning, ie taking pills. However, men actually kill themselves when they do it because they use actually deadly means; hanging, falling, shooting, drowning, etc. In other words it's not a "cry for help", it's actual intent to kill.
  5. Amusingly you just picked a topic I know a little more than most about and you got barely a single thing right. I think you might have spelled O'Leary's name correctly.
  6. Yes it is emotive, because it's correct. It is a child. Help us out here Cyclone, please put a number on how many viable children you think can be terminated before you'd get emotional. A rough percentage will do. All? Half? None?
  7. One's a bloke in a dress. The other's a bloke in a dress who says he's a woman. (Courtesy Eddie Izzard - famous transvestite)
  8. Oh give over, Project Fear is being rerun time and time again, in face of all the actual facts - that not a single prediction has come true, except maybe the one that the EU will make it as difficult as possible for the UK to leave. Only the other day we have Carney inventing pretend numbers from pre referendum forecasts using guessed data for scenarios that have not happened. £900 indeed. Some people really believe this nonsense, and the uncertainty it's causing is simply making a hard Brexit more and more likely by the day. You're going to suffer the law of unintended consequences.
  9. As per Easter Sundae's post earlier I would most definitely argue against the BMC and NICE cut off point. The current situation just falls into where the rules happen to be at the moment. It's nominal until it changes but that doesn't affect the life in the womb. Termination still results in the death of the child. I gave you a link to just one story where the "not a child" was born at 22 weeks. It could have been legally terminated at 24 weeks. You don't an intellectual, scientific, or philosophical argument that stands up to a moment's scrutiny that doesn't involve killing a viable child. It's a very difficult discussion and I don't see any clear answer.
  10. Did Abromovich do it or was it another Russian / Jew? In other news Bill Browder has been falsly arrested by the Spanish under a Russian issued Interpol arrest warrant. And half an hour later released by Interpol. If you're going to have a go at Russians, pick your target out with a laser instead of a blunderbus - emphasis on blunder.
  11. Hungarian financier George Soros wants to reverse the democratic decision of the UK and he's paying out of his own pocket. This is a quite alarming attack on democracy. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-latest-second-referendum-vote-george-soros-best-for-britain-gina-miller-a8375071.html As a Hungarian living in America, the obvious question is, what's in it for him?
  12. Hence my poser. This discussion will only become more difficult as viability moves lower and lower. I'm most definately pro choice but the more I think about it the more uncomfortable I become and I can see me changing my mind at this rate. At some point the right of the child to life must win the argument over the rights of women to end its life for reasons of lifestyle convenience.
  13. From what I understand the only serious correlation is being male, and it's worldwide.
  14. How about the current maximum termination date, this sort of story makes the discussion a bit tricky. Baby born a week before legal abortion limit survives against odds. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/baby-born-before-legal-abortion-limit-survives-odds-flynn-parry-hoda-ali-uclh-st-marys-paddington-a8042476.html
  15. That's not a helpful line to persue. On the whole men don't have much of an issue with ungendered toilets, it's women who want time and space without men around. There are some places with a row of urinals in the corridor before the ladies loos, but you won't find urinals in the ladies and I think you'll struggle to find a woman who would welcome it.
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