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  1. K1Machine

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    She should be allowed back. Other British criminals are extradited back to Britain. Why is she any different. Bring her back and she can go on trial here. I believe we did that with Gary Glitter and his crimes were as evil as it gets.
  2. Ive read everything I can find about this case. Granted its whats been published online and not any official documents but all I can say is as the Dad of a child who has suffered a sexual assault on one occasion, seeing what that one assault has done to her mental well being I dare not even imagine what that poor little girl has gone through for 2 years or what damage those two years have done to her in the long term. For this "man" to essentially get away with it is disgusting.
  3. There must be more to it than has been reported
  4. K1Machine

    FaceBook security

    Yes unfortunately it does. I did toy with the idea of changing the name anyway but she said even an incorrect spelling of her name (theres a couple of different ways to spell her name) would cause problems for her. Thanks for the idea though.
  5. K1Machine

    FaceBook security

    I think you may be right. Anyway, ive done the best I can do, she still comes up in search results but no content can be seen. Its really rather sad that these steps had to be taken for the sake of some insecure bullies who like picking on girls. Cheers for your replies.
  6. K1Machine

    FaceBook security

    Facebook is unfortunately a necessary evil for her sports activities. She has no school friends on her friends list, its just her sports. When I say search, I mean when someone not on her friends list searches for her by name, I dont want them to be able to find her profile. Ive tried every privacy feature, ticked every box but when I search for her using a non friends list profile she still appears. Hardly any content appears but enough to let people know what she does and we dont want that.
  7. K1Machine

    The right to defend yourself.

    Thank you. Ill definitely keep you updated. Without you good people on here I dont think I would have dealt with all this as well as I have. Thank you again.
  8. K1Machine

    The right to defend yourself.

    Yes unfortunately they are. Ive been in contact with the school today and I am waiting for an appointment to go see them Ive also been through Facebook with a fine toothcomb and thought Id made it pretty much private to everyone other than friends but I made up a random account, searched for her and there is still lots of content thats visible. Id like to just delete her account but she really needs it for her extra curricular activities.
  9. K1Machine

    The right to defend yourself.

    Sadly the bullying continues. This time they have moved it to social media. Can anyone tell me how to prevent my daughters profile coming up in search results please?
  10. K1Machine

    FaceBook security

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to excluded from Facebook search results please? If so, How do I do this? Thanks.
  11. Possibly not but my point is that both kids (21 and 15 yrs old) had their whole lives living a certain way. Its only the last two years where I have cared for them myself and only the last 6 months where their mothers influence has been totally removed. Even when their mum was living with us they didn't get into trouble with the police, hurt others steal or rob.
  12. My Kids have had it rough. Abusive mother who was Violent towards me and them. Continual involvement from ss due to their mothers behaviour. Disrupted schooling with low attendance %. They even saw her try to kill me once. She had me arrested on false charges around a dozen times, kids interviewed at length by the police, she even went so far as to implicate them on one occasion then she upped and left 2 years ago and they have seen not hide nor hair of her for over 6 months. Neither one of them have been in trouble with the police, one now has perfect attendance at school and the other goes to college and both are looking forward to a good future. You cant blame upbringing. Some people are just crap and always will be.
  13. Just seen two fire engines, a fire and rescue van towing a dingy heading towards DD Way. I dont ever recall seeing an emergency dingy in Sheffield so it peeked my interest. Anyone know whats going on. Im guessing they were heading towards the canal?
  14. K1Machine

    The right to defend yourself.

    Yes its a big weight of our minds. Surprisingly the police officer told me he wished my daughter chose prosecution but could fully understand her choice. I get the impression he despises bullies. He is an old fashioned type of copper and a proper decent guy.

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