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  1. Well for one You said I was " up in arms" over the accusations against the innocent Brett Kavanaugh . I wasn't.
  2. Think what you like. Don't let facts get in the way.
  3. No, its fine. Ill wait for the allegation to be backed up by the one making it otherwise ill assume its a lie.
  4. Trump has allegedly raped someone? Who?
  5. Or that Clinton is alleged to be a bit rapey?
  6. Some people have a habit of just seeing what they want to see
  7. Christ sake!! Are you for real?? Im hoping youre just trolling. Are you or are you so backwards or so closeted that your mind has blown a fuse or something.
  8. The New York Times? Give me a break. Well if you cant or wont give anything concrete that supports your stance on the orange one then thats fine. I wont be doing your research for you Im afraid.
  9. Then you should probably drag yourself out of the stone age matey.
  10. Can we have examples of this stupid, homophobic, misogynistic etc etc etc behaviour? There should be masses of it so it shouldnt be a problem supplying a wealth of evidence. One thing though, no left wing, liberal or Democrat sources please. Edit. Re the "grab em by the whatsit" comment he made. Ill admit that is vulgar, crass and disgusting and had he said it in my presence id have probably lamped him for it.
  11. Then how would you know? You know because of what you have been told. You have been told by people with an agenda. The agenda is to get him out of office. The made up reasons? That he is a racist, misogynistic etc. You also call him stupid. Have you ever ran for office? Are you a billionaire? Are you known the world over (before he was POTUS)? There are genuine things to dislike the man for like the points I made earlier. Dislike him for those not because of the lies you have been told.
  12. The hate for Trump is genuinely pathetic. He was not a sexist, Until he ran for POTUS. He was not a racist, Until he ran for POTUS. He was not a misogynist, Until he ran for POTUS. These so called intelligent liberals just cant see through their hate for him hate to connect the dots. I never had a problem with the guy until he went back on his promise to stop interfering with other countries internal affairs. He was going to stop america being the worlds policeman, the worlds bully. He was also going to have that evil witch Clinton arrested and investigated. He went back on those big time, I dislike him intensely for that but I dont dislike him for made up reasons that CNN etc etc tell me to dislike him for. Thats a good point.
  13. But on the bright side, no collusion 😂 The futures bright, the futures orange.
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