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  1. Hi , am looking for recommendations for work. The gennel plasterboard has begun to peel off and it seems it is due to some rot of the wood below the joists. The damage is cosmetic and not structural but I would like it sorting. If anybody has any reasonable builders/ joiners contacts . Please suggest. Thanks.
  2. Thankyou. I have just had an awful experience where my tenants refused to pay rent stating the house was damp and got their family involved. I had to let them out of the contract as they said they would quite happily squat for months and pay no rent. I really do not want this to happen again. The living room does not have any vents. The room is quite compact with a closed fireplace. Shall I just leave the windows open in the front room ? Or use a dehumidifier. This was not a problem a few months ago but it is has happened recently. ---------- Post added 03-11-2017 at 17:01 ---------- The room has laminate floor down as well as the bedroom.
  3. Hi, I am one property landlord and have just lost my first tenants due to a condensation/ damp issue in the front room and the bedroom. Now the house is an old terrace but the walls are dark in patches. I had some solid wall insulation put inside the house and their are marks of darker patches where the wooden frame will be behind the wall and their are huge dark horizontal patches near the ceiling. It has got so bad that my previous tenant complained that their expensive sofa was wet from being pushed against the wall. Next door has an adjoining bathroom so it could be leak from their or could it be a gutter issue or just a change in air pressure so it is damper? The house has had the same in the kitchen but their is no issue with damp/condesation in their. The house has a new roof but the guttering I imagine has not been dealt with in a while. I want to get this sorted but am looking for general advice then a specialist in this area. Thanks.
  4. Hi , I just wondered if anybody else is experiencing a supply drought. Supposedly there is a crisis in teaching retention. I worked in primary schools so I thought there would be loads of work. I have had a total of a couple of days and just wondered is it only me ?! I know supply is poor at this time of the year but I am scrapping the dregs from the bottom of the barrel. Anyone experiencing this ? If you are dining at the table of milk and honey please share. I would love a little taste....
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