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  1. Does anyone know any plumbers in Sheffield that do the affordable energy scheme for free boilers? I can only find suppliers outside Sheffield and would prefer a local company if at all possible?
  2. Hi I have just started a sheffield group on facebook to share information about the waspi campaign for women born in the 1950's who have had their state pension age increased despite working and paying in all their lives to recieve their pension ate the age of 60. Please search "sheffield waspi" on facebook, and consider joining to support Sheffield Waspi women in their fight for fairness.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. Will try some of your suggestions
  4. Been reading through previous threads which recommended UK Bullion on Ecclesall road. I don't think that there any more so wondered if there were any more recent recommendations please?
  5. Please sign the petition to save our trees. If you feel as strongly as I do about what has been done to Rustlings Road and in many other areas of Sheffield there is a family meeting in Endcliffe Park at 12:00 Saturday to show support, and a peaceful protest on Dec 1 at the Magistrates court https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/50301-protect-peaceful-protest
  6. I remember years ago when I was a kid that we were called the socialist republic of south yorkshire. I see nothing has changed. They (SCC) will do what they want, and if they cant get their way legitimately they will do it underhandedly. They will do exactly what they want at spider park aswell, and, again, ruin a beautiful place. As an aside, for the posters that always for some reason have to have a go at anyone living in the west side of the city, it seems like they are getting some kind of kick out of any distress this causes, rather than looking at the conservation of our city. I would be devastated and disgusted by this no matter where in our city this had been.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Will check your suggestions out x
  8. Hi thanks for the reply. no it is not immigration law it is more contract law.
  9. can anyone recommend a solicitor experienced in Indian law please?
  10. Any pub quizzes on tonight (Tuesday) please?
  11. It would be easy if most taxi firms had vehicles large enough. Unfortunately most I have rung don't. So obviously not so easy.
  12. Anyone know approximately how much for 9 people with cases to Manchester Airport in a minibus please? I have searched the site but other threads are years old. Thanks.
  13. I would also like to know, if anyone has any information. My dad has been using Martyn for years and is gutted he's gone!!!
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