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  1. I suspect ( not know!) that there are several different motivators behind this one. It runs non-stop from Manchester to Mottram; so it is only slightly slower than the train on that route. Sheffield and Glossop must have some of the worst public transport links, relative to distance, in the country. The Sheffield via Ashopton route may see passenger numbers increase with a more frequent and later service.
  2. As the title says, a new service starts on 25th October. Snake X57 Sheffield > Glossop > Manchester Expect to see lots of Mancunian tourists soon!
  3. As soon as I read the OP the first word into my mind was Crosspool!
  4. There does appear to be some works going off at present, though nothing too dramatic.
  5. Ranmoor is the place for large, grand houses - Old and new are available.
  6. Phoenix Futures have beaten you to it already, and I doubt they did it out of a sense of jealousy as you intend
  7. Its isn't just complaining on SF though; by mentioning yet another service failure it raises awareness of how pathetic the 51 actually is - Though I suspect that most of us who attempt to use it already know the score.
  8. Very much so if it prevents scrotes from stabbing people. Would you think that less stabbings were a bad outcome?
  9. The 52's are turning around at Crosspool. Kinda novel to see buses in the shopping centre, unless its the occasion 51 they decide to run......
  10. It may well have become a better area than it was before, but that does not mean it has suddenly become the new Fulwood!
  11. I have probably been on every street in the city at some point over the years. I also have a minor work-related interest in property so like to keep up with whats what on that subject.
  12. Being familiar with nearly all the city, and taking account of the opinions of others - why do you feel the need to ask?
  13. Mid to late 1980s judging by the style of the houses there.
  14. A long time spent living in Sheffield suggests to me that the answer given was pretty much accurate.
  15. Where they always used to turn round for decades. Crookes terminus (Heavygate Avenue)
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