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  1. dadoronron


    Thanks for the info Janus, any idea how much they charge for 20 litres ?
  2. dadoronron

    Plastic or polycarbonate sheets required

    Thanks for the advice Chez2. My initial request was probably worded incorrectly.I have a proper coup which has not been erected yet but is on site on my allotment..The plastic/polycarbonate is for the roof of a aluminium greenhouse frame which will serve as a covered run attached to the wooden coup.The walls of the greenhouse are 1" square strong wire mesh attached from ground level and hopefully join where the plastic comes down from the apex to slightly over hang the mesh.The base of the run is brick lined and breeze block walled..It will give me slightly over 36 sq feet of area for the chickens plus the shed.I,m still on the look out for the plastic sheets approx 60cm/2 feet wide .Ideally a minimum of 5ft in length.plus if anyone has any decent lengths of 1" square strong wiring..please contact me...regards Ron
  3. Does anyone have any flexible plastic sheeting or polycarbonate sheeting I am looking for some to cover the roof of an aluminium greenhouse that will be converted into a chicken coup I need at least 6 pieces 60cm (2 feet ) wide by 150cm (approx 5ft) long no problems if they are bigger, I will cut them down to size Please pm me with what you have and what you want for them Thanks for looking Ron
  4. dadoronron


    Thanks for the reply rudds, i,ll give them a bell
  5. dadoronron


    anyone got a good local source for paraffin, Needed for my polytunnel heater
  6. dadoronron

    Diesel price hike !!

    my peugeot is petrol and costs me £300 a year road tax, my yeti is diesel low emitions and costs me £30 a year road tax but even though the skoda is better for the environment I still pay more for the diesel fuel than many petrol car owners pay for their petrol
  7. wanting a couple of strip lights with florescent bulbs for private garage, 5ft or 6ft would be ideal Please p.m me with what you have and how much you want for them..thanks for looking, ron
  8. Wanted , B&D 12 vlt battery and charger to fit KC123F 12 vlt drill Please pm me if you have one available, please note I do not need the drill Thanks for looking
  9. dadoronron

    New classic arrives

    I had one of them craig, was a beautiful metalic mid green with beige leather interior..enjoy it
  10. dadoronron

    Chrystal peaks parakeet

    Thanks berty, appreciate the effort ---------- Post added 14-06-2018 at 19:23 ---------- just a quick heads up for you all, my friend was very fortunate and received a call from a lady last night to say his parakeet was on the ladies decking and looking very forlorn and tired. my friend collected his bird and is very pleased to have it back..thank you all for your interest...ron
  11. dadoronron

    Chrystal peaks parakeet

    hiya berty, my friend was taking it to the vets when he stumbled and the cage door sprung open, he,s told peaks about it too and been down there most of the day wondering round..the funny side of it is, he calls his parakeet "pretty boy", so i can imagine the looks he,s been getting when he,s been calling out the birds name
  12. dadoronron

    Chrystal peaks parakeet

    Please keep your eyes open if you are around the chrystal peaks shopping area..My friend has lost his australian parakeet while on his way to the vets..Its green and yellow with a red chest..please p.m me if you spot it...thanks for looking
  13. dadoronron

    Guinea pigs not drinking?

    agree with you on the fresh veg moonbird, not too much fruit though.Either lettuce thats fresh and been soaked in water or even better cucumber, plenty of moisture and vitamins
  14. dadoronron

    Excellent care from NHS

    I have had the misfortune to need an operation to repair a faulty valve in my heart just recently..I have had numerous tests ecg,s,xrays,blood tests etc etc and finally my operation at the end of December. I can only say from my experience that the service,care and compassion that I have received from the Northern General Hospital has been second to non..My total regards to all the people working on Chesterman 4..Its a shame that the political leaders in this country (which ever party they are) do not hold our NHS in such esteem.They are happy to spend our money, yes thats yours and mine on projects abroad,many of which are not warranted but fail to provide the health service with the requirements that are needed to continue to promote the health and well fare of our own communities...not a rant, just an observation by one who is grateful for the tremendous service provided by people working on a shoe string
  15. Just where does this extra generated revenue go, understand that approx 41 thousand pounds was raised in fines from the one camera at intake..If the money was spent on maintaining the road structure I wouldn,t object so much, if it contributed in decreasing the council rates bill , which this year is at an increase of 5.99 per cent, that is on top of last years 2.99 percent, and dont forget to add on an additional £8 per house hold for the police and fire brigade. I live in the intake area and have noticed the road drains blocked to the rim, no wonder the roads are in a treacherous state when it rains and freezers over..I am more of the opinion the 41k like all other raising of revenue goes to non descript projects or day i say it, to pay for a pay rise of the councilors concerned

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