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  1. Hi skippy, Cannon Hall, Firvale was my first pub back in 1967/68. My drinking career started there and I think beer was 1s 4d a pint. You could buy Park Drives in 5's. We'd walk up Skinnerthorpe Rd. Remember the night's out in town usually started at the Claymore on Arundel Gate. I just loved the Tartan. Then we would get all sophisticated and do the round of The Dove & Rainbow, Bell, and the one opposite the cathedral - a stones house if I remember. Should do really 'cos I worked behind the bar there when it was run by Big Bill Hoffman. Ah,
  2. Thanks tazman and abdul. I've studied the map but it doesn't actually still show Baretta St. If you look to the right of Bagley/Selby, there is an unmaked road from Owler lane to Rushby St - I think that's the one I mean. A little bit further down from the unmarked road, again joining Owler Lane and Rushby St was Baretta St. As you say, I bet a lot of demolition has gone on since I was last there in the late 60's early 70's. Appreciate your help.
  3. Sorry deecee - didn't realise you were the self appointed time monitor for replies. My apologies but this "OP" does have to go to work and share the computer with a family. I will try and remember next time! Anyhow, thanks for info from you all.
  4. I used to live on Owler Lane back in the late 60's. there was a street from Owler Lane to Rushby Street but can't remember it's name. The next one down was Barretta St where I had 2 mates. John Trow and John Thorne. Waht was it's name!
  5. What brilliant memories! Went there all the time in the late 60's and early 70's. Remember a 'stag' night there once when they had 2 lady artistes and after getting down to the bare essentials asked for volunteers to join in the fun. There was baby oil everywhere. My mate (Stuart) - part time DJ - got involved and ended up doing things you weren't supposed to in those days. Used to drive there in my red MG Midget - what a poser:cool: Didn't half fancy a girl who went there almost as much as me - she was always with her mate and they came from Southey Green-lived opposite the old cinema - think her name was Pat. Eventually got to go out with her but for some reason didn't last long. Shame - she was gorgeous. Ah, the good old days.
  6. My Mum and Dad used to 'keep' the Bell Hagg. Lived there from about '59 to '63. Remember playing in the woods and the stables underneath. There was a quarry accross the road. Went to Lydgate Lane Infants, Crosspool - anyone there then?
  7. 15 in '67 but still remember going to the Cavendish. tall for my age! I can remember seeing Tiny Tim. Could almost have been Michael Jackson's dad he was so wierd. Just thought - wrong colour! Can also remember seeing Suzi Quattro who was most definitely the worse for wear (we can't say p****sed can we! The Grumbleweeds were brilliant.
  8. Didn't live there but went out with a gorgeous lass whose family owned a shop (Think it was greengrocers) and she had a Polish surname. I suppose this would have been about '71 or '72. They lived above the shop.
  9. Saw the topic about bands at the City Hall. Does anyone remember going to the Gaumont cinema and seeing any acts? Maybe senility is setting in and I'm imagining it but I recall that an auntie of mine (Barbara) worked there and got me tickets to see the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. Am I dreaming?
  10. I can remember seeing Martin St James. He got my mate up and hypnotised him into jumping up on to a table and shouting "The Russians are coming" everytime he heard a certain phrase. It was magic !! Also remember watching Tommy Cooper - just like that.
  11. Passed 11+ from Lydgate Lane Juniors in Crosspool (we were living at the Bell Hagg pub on Manchester Road) in 1964 and went to King Edward VII. Still all male then! Headmaster then was a guy nicknamed 'Fat Nat'. He retired (or got the boot - not sure) and replaced with Russel Sharrock. His nickname was 'Shrapnel' 'cos of scars on his neck. I remember getting caned for smoking under the scout hut and caught him putting out a Woodbine! Great to hear from anyone during this period '64 to '69'ish.
  12. Just joined the forum today. I started my working days at Brown Bayleys (think that's how it was spelt?) in 1970. Iworked in the export department. Was there for about 2 years.
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