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  1. If you have not signed the STAG petition yet please consider doing so. The council are using our money to butcher trees that are perfectly healthy. If you believe trees are of no use, you should research what they do for us, the wildlife and the wider environment. I have spent many hours learning about sustainability. I understand some trees have to be removed. But why are we wasting money on taking down healthy ones? So if you object either environmentally or economically, please sign the petition online. How many homeless or disabled people could we help with that money? I urge you to understand the importance of this issue. We are getting robbed
  2. Anyone know anything about Bovis Homes, have you done contracted work for them?
  3. I am thinking of doing caravan storage, anyone have an ideas about where to start? ---------- Post added 04-10-2017 at 17:52 ---------- I have land and space just no idea how to get people interested?
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