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  1. i was only asking what would happen to him if that did happen and he had nothing.
  2. he has nothing. and he's never had a job
  3. and can they help him out with some clothes and food?
  4. and what if he gets kicked out and he got no paperwork, no money, no clothes, nothing to eat and nowhere to go?
  5. he is 27 what if his parens kicks him out and changes the locks, can he get one?
  6. my friend lives with his parents and wants to know if he goes to the council, can he ask for a one bedroom flat and get one?
  7. hello, someone put a brick threw my bedroom window and just wanted to know if the council will replace it for free or will i have to pay for it?
  8. anyone know where to get air horns from?
  9. hello there i was just wondering which shops sell greyboard, i wanted it to build buildings for my train layout and want pieces between 2mm to 4mm thick, if anyone can help then please let me know ok, and thanks in advance.
  10. Anyone know where to get stink bombs and fart spray from?
  11. Anyone know the cheapest place to get a mattress from? Thanks...
  12. Can i change all my old pound coins at any bank and do i have to have the plastic bags to do it?
  13. Does anyone know where i can get a case for my sony experia e5 from? Thanks...
  14. Any ladie fancy meeting and we will go for a walk and have some lunch.
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