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  1. Ralph had just returned from a short holiday in Bournmouth with his wife and enjoyed the break according to the last email he sent me, we had been in touch since he joined this site, and we became good friends , he will be sadly missed by all that knew him.
  2. Sadly our old friend cat631 passed away last wednesday, RIP old friend, haven't heard anything about a funeral at this stage.
  3. There are many doubting Thomas's in this world Downsunder, black panthers have been seen in some parts of NSW, and have even been filmed walking across the top of someone's garden in Lithgow NSW, but many believe that they don't exist. Just because we don't see things, doesn't mean that they no longer exist, Tasmania like NSW has very large national parks, and there are parts that have never been seen by humans, animals hide when they see or hear what could be an enemy, so we will never really know for sure what is living in these areas.
  4. Looks like a small pony, glad I didn't bump into that on the way home from the Grimey club. Dor's remembers the dog, but doesn't remember who owned it.
  5. I remember Lodge Moor Hospital, and also Crimicar Lane Hospital in the 40's, Fairthorne Lodge was a bit further down the road at Redmires, I think that was for children who had lung problems like athsma etc, the fresh air helped them to breathe easier. The only place like an orphanage that I remember was Fulwood Cottage Homes, I went to Crookes school with quite a few people from there, the majority of them could not live at home for one reason or another, but I can't remember any of them being orphans, although I guess there may have been some in the late 40's.
  6. You will be very lucky to find a picture of the Crown pub Ralph, as many have been looking for one for ages, without any luck. Dor's and I had our wedding reception there when Ken and June ran it in the mid 60's, they didn't have a licence to sell spirits, so I got them from the Hope & Anchor Brewery where I worked at the time, and because we were buying the beer from Ken, he was satisfied with what he got from the beer sales, so we got the room for free also, and his brother was our waiter, and all he we had to do was pay for his beer for the night.
  7. Grimesthorpe Rd ran from Gower St as already said, but it finished at Grimesthorpe School, that area was like a crossroads where Carlisle Rd, Earl Marshal Rd, Upwell Lane, and Carlisle Rd met. Before Petre St was extended to Grimesthorpe, from Botham St to Hunsley St was called Ludlow St, but that was long before any of us were born, I will put a map on the Grimesthorpe Facebook page, as I don't know how to put pics on here thesedays.
  8. Get your guitar out and make a video of you singing the song, then put it onto Facebook or Youtube, that way we will be able to see what we're looking for.
  9. Paul Mcartney and wings sing this on you tube pal [Circa 1976] the song is called "let Em In" hope you're going ok old mate.
  10. Thanks for that geotom & Southweller, a friend of mine knew George after they met in Germany, and attended his funeral in Sheffield, and he asked me if Brian was related.
  11. was Brian Gill any relation to George Gill from Grimesthorpe, who played guitar in quite a few bands over the years, but passed away about 18 months ago in Germany.
  12. Sold the boat a few years ago, and had a few health problems over the last few years too, so we just take it easy these days and enjoy life.
  13. If Dor's has a programme in her hands with his picture on it, it was taken at Wollongong Entertainment centre on the 8th of December 2005 after an 18 month world tour.
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