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  1. My brother's home visit lasted 2 hours, despite being told it would be about 40 mins . They even looked through his bookcase no doubt thinking if he read intelligent books he was not disabled. He was turned down and we helped him put in an appeal... that was 10 months ago and he's still waiting. it's criminal.
  2. Regularly bought packets of plastic bugs which I put in various peoples drinks or in their bed. I don't remember the parents being very amused although I was at the time.
  3. There was a stuffed cow in a big upstairs window. We kids were fascinated by it. Does anyone else remember it?
  4. Daily Express front page headlines read "Churchill steps down". Dad was reading the sport on the back page. About 1955 I think.
  5. Ban the use of mobile phones on buses. Sick of listening to foreign babble, inane conversations or offensive rubbish. Is nothing private?
  6. Does anyone know the history of this narrow alley off High Street? The buildings look almost Tudor in origin, the way they overhang the lower floors.
  7. Approaching the city by rail is just as bad.
  8. Around 1963 Sheffield held a Shopping Festival. My friend Janet Dickinson who worked at Cockaynes, selling separates, was crowned Festival Queen. It was great publicity for the store and Janet had a wonderful year. Her aunt, Miss Dickinson was a buyer at the store.
  9. It was at the top of Cambridge St., facing down Barkers Pool.
  10. We thought it was very sophisticated. I had my first ever lemon tea there, served in a tall glass in a metal holder. I think it was about one and six, 1964? There was a wall made from stacked wine bottles near the entrance and big gold painted roman coins on the wall. Loved the place!
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