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  1. Well that sounds good. How much does he charge per session?
  2. Cheers. Do you revisit periodically or were you treated and never had to go back?
  3. Funny that. I lived in Leeds 20 years ago. The birth is very different south of it I understood. I lived on the n side. I found the people really very straightforward, outgoing, friendly. You mentioned being proud of being from Sheffield. Why?
  4. Where did you go spilldig?
  5. The nice Lidl one was Fronsac. As for non-mentioned ones, i,ve been tbrough many if not all of the red wines of Lidl and Sainsbury's standard ranges for French and Spanish wines. I also drink Chilean, S African and Portuguese from time as well Italian. Australian i find too sweet fromxs cherry notes. At least the ones on offer in the UK. Whites most of the French and Spanish range, some of the Italian, some German from Lidl, Sainsburys, Aldi. Morrisons, waitrose. I also now and them go to wine merchants and try a Montrachet, spending £30 for a wine whuch frankly turns no more characterful than a bottle Entre Deux Mars from Sainsburys. Thus has happened to more than once. Once in Beaune i had a beautiful bottle of Montrachet, it tasted like sunlight on a meadow. I also enjoyed Aligote which was a pleasant poor cousin, (mercifully one can occasionally see it in Sainsburys), a great Pomerol in a restaurant in Norwich (difficult to get in smarkets), most of which merlots are character free, a beautiful buttery Beaune from Waitrose in 1998. Subsequent trials from Waitrose and other smarkets have been cases of over cherried icecream tastes, not the lovely buttery silken taste of that 1998 Beaune.
  6. Grapes yield 12.5%_13% max alc. Above this is only reached thru inclusion of stalks and leaves for the sugar in their sap. Sure the booze rises but the flavour drops.
  7. As i drift round the snoopermarkets and occassional visuts to a vintners and slide in a few bottles of booze, i find my optimistism seldom rewarded. The wines are these days predominantly drowned in one or more of the following flavours: Cherry -nasty sweet notes. If i wanted i lollipop, i'd buy one! Vanilla-sickly sweet notes. If i wanted ice cream, ... Other- bland in the extreme I dont smoke, so i guess my taste buds still function. E.g By sheer luck, in was in Ludl at Christmas and saw a wine there which i had not tried. It was surpringly excellent. Thats probably the 1st bottle of wine ive really enjoyed in years. It tasted of wood and books, characterful. Ive reached the state where i can't be bothered to waste money and my liver drinking ever more bland wines. Has any one else found the same?
  8. My understanding is that to make the best of the delicate flavour of salads, one really shouldnt plsce a book on it. ;-)
  9. On a different nutty subject, i mixed black, camargue, briwn and white rice and use this as my rice stock. It has a v distinctive flavour. Yet having ploughed through its blinking nuttyness for maybe a 8 months now, i'm sick to death of it. It doesnt quite act as a fragrant foil to thai curry for example, whereas basmati does. So nuts schmutz, as i imagine they in new york.
  10. Marmite? Devil food! ---------- Post added 07-02-2018 at 07:36 ---------- A note on pulses. Pulses must be soaked in water. Preferably overnight. I'd recommend 3x the volume of water as weight of pulses. Next morning, pour off water. Rinse-swirl in new water ( a big sieve is useful or a deep saucepan- let the pulses settle before pouring off wash water) Then boil hard 10 mins, before simmering 30-40 mins. The 30-40mins part can be as part of a dish eg stew casserole soup. ---------- Post added 07-02-2018 at 07:44 ---------- My view, have been force fed stew at home when i was young is tgats unbearable. The fat turns to blobs with simmering. With fatty meat... Stew is devil food Better to casserole it, which renders (melts the fat down fully or otherwise crisps it mmm). Same ingredients, just stick in oven gas mark 4/ 180'C.
  11. I like my mum's ;-) Home made custard, the bread, fruit, spices. And a big dollop of whipped fresh cream or custard. Mwuh. Mamma mia!
  12. Maybe. About 3 month ago i was on the road between the m1 and chesterfield. I was following the limit. Bollards cut 2 lanes to 1. At the same point an old fella moved out in front from a layby. He had moved out exceptionally close in front of me, and my mind made a conscious choice between hitting him by braking as hard as poss. Or trying to swerve round him and hope to god there were no hgvs round the bend. So the bollards got it. Went flying. He was untouched. I was extremly lucky. And shaking. I pulled off somewhere to gather my wits before timidly and carefully continuing.
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