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  1. Hi i am not from Sheffield but i heard there is a Market in Sharrow Vale & Nether Edge. Is this true.? If it is What days are they on and what times? Thanks.
  2. Hi I have 2 mattresses on the bed and the top one is sliding.Does anybody know how to stop it sliding please.? Please don't say put 1 mattress on the floor.Answers much appreciated. I hope this question is in the right section.
  3. Hi my husband wants to go Air pistol shooting.He is experienced.Is there anywhere in Sheffield recommended or in South Yorkshire he can do it please? Please provide telephone numbers if you can.Thanks.
  4. Hi has anybody got a tried and true recipe for Tripe & Onions and does anybody know if moor market sell it please. ?
  5. Hi i have never roasted vegetables before like parsnips cam anyone give some roasted tasty vegetabe recipes please ?
  6. Hi, I am fairly new to Sheffield, Female aged 59 years old looking for new friends (Female only) with Bipolar (I have Bipolar) or not. I am very sociable and friendly and love Cooking & animals Cats & Dogs etc. I would like to meet friends for a chat & Coffee. Hope to hear from you soon.
  7. Hi, I have lived in Sheffield 4 years and am looking to make friend from Newcastle (where I am from) or Sheffield for a chat and a coffee. I am 59 and love cooking, shopping animals etc. Female Friends only.Hope to hear from you soon. I live in S2 Arbourthorne.
  8. Hi Do you know the name opf the club & Telephone number please or name of the club on Facebook please? Thanks.
  9. Hi Dutch Can you give me the address & Telephone number of the Woman Fridge Repairer that u used please? Thanks.
  10. Hi can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonably priced Fridge Freezer Repair Man that will come to S2 ? I have looked under similar threads and the telephone numbers are out of date so I am having no luck. Thanks.
  11. Hi Ian, the fridge part is warm, but i do not know if we have the knob on the temp dial on the right setting as we have no manual. what should the knob on the dial be on. Should it be on low middle or high please? Thanks.
  12. It is a fridge freezer but the fridge part doesn,t work and the freezer part is fine. I think maybe it is because the knob on the temp dial located in the fridge part isn't on the right setting. What should the dial be on please, low middle or high.?
  13. Hi can anyone recommend a Fridge Freezer Repair Man who has no call out Charge and does free estimates and is reasonably priced please? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Can anyone please tell me how u install a telephone with extension please as i have lost the instructions. We want the main phone in the living room, and the extension in the bedroom.Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi can anybody please give me the link or address of the DWP,S JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) online application form please as I cannot find it. Thanks in advance.
  16. Dear Medusa, Thank u so much for taking the time and effort to answer my post as I am in under alot of stress with bi polar and now will get CAB to help me fill in forms.I have never made a claim for bi polar even though i have suffered from it for 20 years.Once again, thanks.xx
  17. Hello, Are there any uforum users who have been diagnosed with Bi Polar?If u have any tips on claiming Benefits etc, please share. Thanks.
  18. Hello, sorri i didn,t know which section to post in. Does anybody know if you can claim benefits for bi polar and what are they please. I have had it 20 years and never claimed a thing. cos i never was told anything. Thanks.
  19. Hi does anybody have a tried and tested tasty stew recipe they could post please or one from their mother or passed down from their granny. Thanks in advance.
  20. go to http://www.allrecipes.co.uk and you will find a very good site with carrot cake recipes.
  21. Hi, My husband is mad on Volleyball and he doesn't know where he can watch it here in sheffield as a spectator. Does anybody know an address or contact number for him? as I know he would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello Does anybody have a delicious recipe for Cauliflower Cheese tried & tested Please they could share, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  23. Hello, I am a great cat lover and have a cat who is 16 months old. She likes to bite, just teeth marks. What is the best way to let her know it is not good. Also will not come on my knee (only my husbands). I would love her to do that and have a cuddle also. Any advice please? Thanks.
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