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  1. I am against Big Plumbing, they seek to undermine the average person, and treat us like idiots! Look, I have watched some YouTube videos on how to fix a boiler, let me come round, I'll fix it for you! Big Plumbing will come into your house, and install spy cameras, which will tell Bill Gates everything you are doing, and you don't want that, think of the kids!
  2. Ah, the good old both sides fallacy, the tribe of cannibals wants to eat all the people in a village, the people in the village don't want to be eaten, but we should meet in the middle, and let the cannibals eat half of the people in the village, both sides have been taken into consideration here. As for the idea that I haven't done any investigating myself, I have, the arguments put forward by the people out were all arguments from emotion, they had no basis in fact, it was all to scare passes by. There was no science involved, no studies, they were crazy. It had nothing to do with informed choice, they weren't respecting anyones choice, they were trying to stoke fear, and promote false information. If someone chooses not to get vaccinated, but understands the science behind it, I think that's stupid, but it doesn't make them an anti-vaxxer, unless they are out ignoring the science, and telling other people to not get vaccinated. You also have anti-vaxxers who go around believe that Bill Gates has something to do with vaccinations, as well as microchips, etc, if that's not crazy, please tell me what is. TBH they may as well bring out banners that say "Bring Back Measles, Mumps, and Rubella!" or "Marco! Polio!" or "TB or not TB"
  3. I'm pretty sure what the "Leave the kids alone" means is to not vaccinate kids, I don't think they had anything else in mind.
  4. Sorry, I guess you didn't spot the joke, the article you linked says "Nike and Costco warn of product shortages and delays" so I was making a joke about eating Nike products, sorry it went over your head
  5. "Don't let them take your kids" and "Leave the kids alone" among many other emotive slogans.
  6. I love a good Nike Sunday Roast, I save the shoelaces to have with some sauce and mince.
  7. Hi, Did anyone notice the anti-vaxxers under the old bus shelters outside the Peace Gardens today, waving crazy signs? I've not been that far up town in a while, are they a regular occurence? And what's up with them?
  8. Drivers don't laugh with each other for you being late, don't worry! And they do get punished if they can't explain why they missed a time point, or go to fast, or break too suddenly, I could go on, but if you think it's a walk in the park, go become a bus driver, they are recriting!
  9. My dad being a bus driver, I get to hear a lot about why buses are late, and various other stories. Timetables are a rough guide as to when a bus is supposed to turn up at that stop, it isn't going to be exact, because of various factors, traffic being one, passenger numbers, breakdowns, human error, etc. Some of the roads in Sheffield are also very bad for buses to get through on, the narrow ones being some of the worst, especially in winter, which is why a lot of bus routes are stopped in winter, some of the roads they just can't get up, they don't have the power, and in other cases, it would be a massive risk to the driver, passengers, and other road users. Then you have passenger problems, where someone might come on, fish around the purse, or pockets for money, or my favourite, argue with the driver about the bus route, I remember this happening, and it's just a massive waste of time, not the fault of the driver that a passenger is giving lip. And if you end up with more passengers than normal getting on or off at a stop, then it slows the bus down. Breakdowns also happen, which takes a bus off the route, so they will try and either pull another bus off a less populated route to take over for the bus that broke down, or the bus behind has to pick up the slack. Human error can occur, where the driver does make a mistake, I have been on buses where the driver has forgotten that I rang the bell, doesn't happen often, and it's a bit inconvenient, but it happens, we all make mistakes. You do also have some drivers who do just take the ****, but I believe they are few and far between, for the most part, they are just trying to do a job, just like everyone else.
  10. I like to watch cats run around and do daft things, have one myself, but he can't hunt anything bigger than a wasp thankfully! A quick Google search gives some good ideas, look at this website - https://www.thespruce.com/cat-repellents-to-keep-cats-out-of-your-yard-2132573 Putting sharp natural things on the top of the dirt might stop them digging; and if you garden in seasons, lay some chicken wire down when you next dig over your garden.
  11. eBay or CEX maybe? You could also look on Amazon for refurbished ones.
  12. No matter what you say though, they will keep trying, not even reading any counter arguments, and just spout nonsense. I mean, they might not even believe it themselves, and might just be posting it for a laugh, some people get a kick out of seeing peoples responses. I mean, I said stupid stuff online when I was 14, because it was funny to see people get mad. I was easily amused as a child...
  13. You would probably get it delivered by post, not email though, and I would always suggest people contact the company about these kinds of things before doing anything, that way, you know for sure if it's fake or not! Also, I don't think they'd use language like "unpleasant consequences" in an email about vehicle tax, it sounds like they are going to send the mob round to kneecap you if you don't pay...
  14. I don't carry change on me anymore, not for a long time, so there's nothing I could give anyway in terms of cash. What really bugs me though is the ones who decide to sit outside of a cash point, or a shop door, asking for money. Just seems like a way to try and guilt people into giving, or make them feel bad. Some homeless people are genuine, and need support, not always having drink, or drug problems, just either had a hard time, or they never settle down into a house, for whatever reason. Then there are some who cause problems, or are begging just to make money, I remember seeing one who had a cast on her leg one day, begging, then it's gone the next day, Jesus must have stepped in! If I was to give something, it would be food, as I am more likley to be able to buy that, than give money, since as first mentioned, I don't carry change very often! And I can buy food on a card.
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