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  1. DC89216

    Tommy Robinson thread - All discussion here.

    It is a shame that people get so heated and vocal when it comes to attacking big Tommy Robinson but stay quiet when it comes to the grooming issue Yorkshire and much of the North of England has lol. Shocking to say the least.
  2. DC89216

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    People will still attack him Obsessed. And very sad.
  3. DC89216

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    I have family members in America who are extremely happy with how their taxes are and everyday life is currently. They are benefiting since he came into office. I just think people are more bothered / complaining about how he speaks and the fact he loves women lol. People should just live life.
  4. Again, I think there's certain punishments that fit certain crimes. I've not seen you in threads before lambasting lenient punishments for assault or murder. I was just reading something online about somebody getting a 4 year sentence for killing somebody while driving drunk. If that's what people are getting for killing people then I believe somebody saying "Go back to your own country" should be laughed off. That's my opinion. I do believe however that all punishments for every crime should be increased. A balance between England (pathetic convictions) and North Korea (VERY harsh convictions) would be about right.
  5. DC89216

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    I see Trump's approval rating is still rising. He's legit going down as one of the best leaders that country has ever had. Wow. Did not expect that with the uproar from liberal, left-wing nutjobs lol.
  6. Shambolic. Dark times for Wednesday it seems.
  7. DC89216

    Wigan v Sheffield Wednesday (Match Thread)

    Wigan 3-0. Comfortable for them this one.
  8. Hmm not sure. I don't think "get back to your own country" warrants a suspended sentence a man to lose his job, especially when there's people that assault others and get less. Each to their own.
  9. DC89216

    Greggs Incident 02/08/2018

    He must have been short, going by that cracked window...
  10. DC89216

    Tommy Robinson thread - All discussion here.

    I'm confused by this "little" jibe Tommy has probably more courage and the biggest balls of any man in England in fairness.
  11. I've been told by a friend that works inside the police force that the man in question here has been arrested and charged with a hate crime. More than likely he'll receive a suspended sentence. I'll keep you updated with anything else I hear.
  12. We'll all be dead in a few years and our family tree won't be around in many many years so does it really matter?
  13. DC89216

    This evenings games

    Saturday, Mansfield were fairly dominant over Sheffield United. Last night, Sheffield United were the better side over Inter Milan. Friendlies mean nothing. I'm shocked at people trying to take shots at rival clubs for such results. Shameful.
  14. Money supersedes everything in life, including hate. As a member of the Islamic community down in Fir Vale, I can safely say lots of people would love to see the back of Europeans coming into our part of Sheffield. It's sad but that's the reality. Myself, I am a little more open minded to such events.
  15. Afternoon everybody, It's been a while but I have a date on Saturday night and was hoping for some help. The man in question has told me he likes his Chinese food therefore I am doing my best to find a Chinese restaurant to cater to both of our needs. I am willing to travel so no area of Sheffield is off limits, and I'd also consider Rotherham & Barnsley. Obviously I'm hoping to "impress" to a certain extend so somewhere a little less "Job Lot" and more "Marks and Spencers" would be nice. Thanks for your time.

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