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  1. He also got 6x2years sentence for different charges. Was also serving a 3year football baning order. Also a suspended sentence for four separate incidents.. should have been sent down then Oct 22, if courts had done there job then rich wheeler would be alive today
  2. Was due to sentenced on Wednesday 8th November, Mr wheelers wife is in pure torment. No trail as he's pleaded guilty to manslaughter. First she couldn't bury her husband,now she has to wait even longer for sentencing
  3. Richard wheeler murder victim v Liam Jones now to be sentenced on 8th December, ffs
  4. We have learned today that the funeral of Richard wheeler has now had to be cancelled. Due to the defence now wanting a new post mortem.😢😢😭😭😭
  5. For people who want to know the funeral of Richard wheeler takes place on Friday 11th August, at genoside north chapel,10.00am.Then on to the park hotel to celebrate his life...proud to call my friend
  6. Next move could be dubi,money talks look where boxing has gone
  7. We have a brand new one stored in a dry garage if interested? Nava used just unpacked 120
  8. So today received a letter off Sheffield council saying that I'd been on the red route line(inner ring road) and that after 27feb I'd get a fine of 10£...It was my understanding that you could use the route old inner ring road and only had to pay when you go inside this route?do the planners not understand the amount of traffic that is going to be forced to use old side streets,(rat runs)?I have to pick my autistic son up and take him to school Sheffield discovery from Hillsborough to Norfolk park then go on to work. I own and drive a van.i have to go up to crooks,down towards endcliff,get across ecosall rd,through landsdown,across London rd,across bramal lane,shoeham st,queens rd,then Norfolk pm......also how would you pick up sumone from bus n rail stations? As according to this letter I'm not allowed on the red route? It's gonna cause chaos!!!
  9. Funeral of Tareesa Crafer is on Friday 20th January, grenoside,1oclock.
  10. Can anyone tell me what time trams go off on new years eve ? Thanks and happy n as year to everyone!!!
  11. Remember my mum worked on twilite shift in late 70s.on rutland rd.no one was with out a screw driver where we lived
  12. Karaoke bar called woodys opposite museum pub . Used to be William hills now a bar
  13. My partner got one she was dropping some furniture to the back of the bhf store. Unfortunately she had to wait till someone was available to help her and it took all in all 20min. She still got a fine
  14. Mick greenwood was still going in cannon, bottom of lane up to his death in 2007
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