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  1. Strange to hear that.after a few years out of the sport, he restarted in 2007 buying lofts on high heels allotments, spent a lot of money at Blackpool sales on top blood stocks, to race young birds they session,sadly just a few weeks before racing started he passed away,....the young birds team was sold on,an out of first 4 races they won prizes
  2. My dad flew pigeons from grimesthope club for as long as I could remember, 1st at the bottom of Margate drive on the field behind bus stop. Don't no where it was from but he had a donkey which kept the grass down. He was then in a partnership with Ronnie biggins, they had lofts on his horse field where he had horses and greyhounds.he then had a loft on smiths field,near torbay rd,till we moved to whiteways rd when he had lofts at the back of the house.....he had loads of success when he had a loft at the side of house when he moved to Stanington village 90s.he was Mick greenwood
  3. Yep Linda n Mick my mum and dad.lived on Margate drive till 82,moved too whiteways rd, then stanington village 87. Sadley both now passed away
  4. Depends on what your actually looking for and how much you want to spend? Ikea have good selection of wardrobes.
  5. Hello to you all, my grandad went Hartley brook,was also in a rugby team,my nan showed me a team photo,he's Sat in the front row,was said to have been good. His name Michael Greenwood...
  6. Last I Hurd was basketting on Fridays at the fortyfoot pub for racing if it helps .I'm also looking to still get into the sport. An allotment shear! Partnership or just helping
  7. Hello yes we had lofts on whiteways rd, also smiffys field, Peter gill was on torbay rd
  8. Remembering Tony gill, my dad Michael Greenwood took Peter gills loftsdone from the side of his house on to eBay road. When he started on his own and rebuilt them behind our house on whitewash road. I remember another pigeon man helped with the move John olive, all had pigeons in grimesthope
  9. hello my nan maiden name was Beatrice Sykes, I'd have to check more details with my aunt, bete married my grandad then she became Taylor.joe Taylor if this helps
  10. Hello to any pigeon flyers s5 s6 s4 s9.looking to get started in the sport need an allotment with or without loft cash waiting.or if anyone wanting to take part in a partnership or even a helping hand for sum experience. Have own van transport,!!! Thanks
  11. My dad's family lived on Alfred road.michael greenwood,he had 9sisters all in a very small house,his parents were frank&elsea greenwood.
  12. Would just like to say, 10 years today ,10 years since he past away seems only yesterday that we were having a few pints together, all ways missed today and for eva, all our love Shane Emma alfie God bless xxx
  13. Anyone on shirecliff allotments packing up selling up or want a partner, have loads of time ,,transport, or rent half's hare, please get in touch thanks
  14. All the birds are timed by clocking in when they land.fastest bird wins,flying a race varies from 60 to 600 miles from different race destinations, even going across the chanel to France n Barcelona.
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