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  1. Screen or backlight issue, off chance it could be the screen cable needs re seating.
  2. I'm not saying that is what I believe, not really sure why I was quoted to be fair. But I will play along...If they was some secret test going on, it would be hard to hide it from everyone with the tech we have and they must have secret op's and test's maybe it's good to release some UFO footage. Just maybe intel could be gained from doing such a thing or maybe not. Really though without a good image it could be anything my bet is still on it been a bird.
  3. It's not as laughable as you may think, but you're right it could be some top secret test I suppose.
  4. UFO unidentified flying object. Nothing groundbreaking, just an object in the sky that was not identified. The pentagon are not saying they are alien aircraft, agree with others most likely birds. If aliens ever visited the planet we would most likely know about it one way or another.
  5. Can't see this happening, I do repairs but to come out with all my gear...nope. Just the stereoscopic microscope would be enough of a pain, weighs a ton lol then soldering station, hot air station and everything else lol.
  6. My bold, I'm assuming that's a joke lol. Ebuyer is good for monitors, keyboard etc.
  7. Thanks to apelike I now have some.
  8. Anyother places, said I can collect from store tuesday but I already have some in the mail and should be sorted by then, could really do with some now.?
  9. Does anyone know where I could buy some today?
  10. Aluminium foil and cans are a waste of time unless you can compress them into somehing solid. Becareful you don't end up with zamac or make sure the area is well ventilated. I once threw a car radio heatsink into the crucible one time almost immediately white smoke and green flames where apparent, ended up with zinc poisoning. Also you would want to avoid magnesium if you aint sure it is worthg testing first.
  11. Windows 10 on my old machine has been running flawless. Though must admit I removed some of the stuff like the microsft store and other bloatware I don't want or need.
  12. I am, creality ender 3 is what I have.
  13. I recently got a 3D printer, finding it addictive lol :). It's great been able to print something off usefull like the ice scraper I printed this morning. Also satisfying been able to create something in CAD and print it off.
  14. Exactly that, You have to be deluded to think otherwise especially in a case like this.
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