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  1. not that many black golfers either apart from a very talented Tiger woods, same in motorsport apart from the great Lewis hamilton. its not about the privileged its what they are genetically good at nothing more.
  2. what a stupid idea, the city needs all types of vehicles and would make zero difference apart from the tree huggers feeling good about themselves. meanwhile back in the world where real life dictates transport:roll:
  3. maybe they dont like Jags?? but have seen plenty driving big Mercs and Q7,s:suspect:
  4. i dont disagree at all with that, yes they should be available in school and free initially.
  5. oh come on!! in this day and country there is no such thing as poverty, not real poverty. a loaf of bread is not the best thing to start with feeding a family anyway. priorities priorities! ---------- Post added 12-10-2017 at 10:12 ---------- yes thanks 2 daughters who are well adjusted and successful and have never moaned about the cost of sanitary products. ---------- Post added 12-10-2017 at 10:14 ---------- talk about extreme exaggeration really ok from your post what is the cost of a monthly??? and by the way i agree it should be a vat free product along with a few others.
  6. utter rubbish in this country, if that is the case which i doubt it will be down to the adults who are either lazy or inept or both these families you know where are they then??? ---------- Post added 11-10-2017 at 18:02 ---------- dont believe everything you read on the tinternet:roll:
  7. oh pleeease what an exaggeration, miss out really??on education in this country:loopy: due to not having a tampax? or similar. get real
  8. oh give over Mel, you sound like fish face:hihi: white males have the same opportunities they just act on those opportunities when they occur. some non whites do also there are plenty of successful non whites you know.
  9. think the council need to concentrate on issues a little more important:loopy: ---------- Post added 11-10-2017 at 16:22 ---------- sweet or salted:hihi:
  10. not bad as such just strange !i just wonder why someone and a male has so much anger and effort to give in pursuit of feminism, let them get on with it?? they want equality etc:hihi:
  11. who cares??? thats life get over it:loopy:
  12. normally people do what is the social norm in a normal society, these people force their own views and beliefs on youngsters in many ways, kids grow up best by being normal not made a sideline freak show by the silly naming and dressing initially. no i didnt ask my kids what they wanted to be called but up until now they havent changed in 25 and 21 yrs. i think you think you are a male feminist
  13. well there is a case of child abuse if ever there was, personal influence of adults views and preferences on young children is sick and wrong. the poor kid has no choice in this and may seem happy as thats all hes known:loopy: social services should be in there sharpish.
  14. oh give it a rest!! Trans is the new "GAY" in the 80,s this was especially fashionable, as TRANS is today for the large majority. you guessed it! a big fan mo like him an world will be a better place.
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