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  1. I religiously unsubscribe and get very little spam now. Any persistent offenders I mark as Junk. the wife never unsubscribes and is less careful about where she puts her email, gets hundreds daily.
  2. I use Backblaze. it is $60 per year for unlimited amounts of cloud storage. software backs up the data automatically. the reason I chose it was that if you need it they will send you a hard disc with your data rather than having to re-download it all.
  3. Not sure in your budget, but something like this would be ideal. I have one similar. it has 2 HDMI ports so one into each device and you are sorted. looks great for the PlayStation too. https://www.ebuyer.com/913304-lg-34wl500-b-34-ultrawide-hd-led-ips-monitor-34wl500-b?gclid=Cj0KCQiAm4TyBRDgARIsAOU75srtdgEOvWsh-P2hRvh32avoMwbtUVZQjQD1YFZo62WjoB8u6GKVhCQaAmTGEALw_wcB
  4. Nope, I, haven’t found that a problem at all. they come with a selection of foam and silicon tips.
  5. Use a decent VPN. organisations, e.g BBC, cotton on to the regular IP addresses used by VPNs and then block them. Decent ones will have server options specifically for different services from each country which the service has not blocked. E.g. there will be a British server that will be ‘optimised’ for streaming BBC - I.e. has not yet been blocked by BBC. Once it becomes blocked, they will just set up another. I use CyberGhost and can usually connect to anything I want to from anywhere.
  6. Not all of them. Just the ones that sit in the left lane ignoring an empty right lane, back up the roundabout and then either; a) position their car as to block traffic in the right lane. b) drive within 2 inches of the car in front and refuse to allow someone in ‘their’ space. c) look at you with righteous indignation in their (incorrect) assumption that they are in the right.
  7. Part of the problem is the road markings and signage. take the bottom of Prince of Wales Road for example. People queue in the left lane, back to the roundabout, blocking the through traffic. At the merge point, the right lane merged into the left lane. There is a merge arrow in the right lane into the left lane. people in the left feel that they have ‘right of way’ all they should do is put a sign saying Merge in turn, and then re paint the road so that both lanes merge in to the ‘new’ single lane. then the morons might get it.
  8. I have some Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 - Cost £99.99 Excellent in every way. hands down better than the £30-£50 plethora of cheap versions that can be found on Amazon, of which I’ve tried a few.
  9. There are many, many ways to scam someone. As different methods of security are introduced, e.g 2FA, then the variety of ways to be scammed and adaptations to scams increases. It’s hard to stop. my best advice is: enable 2FA everywhere it is offered. have a separate strong password not used elsewhere on your email (and 2FA). use a password manager and have a different random password for each service. never give ANY details out from unsolicited phone calls, if you think it is genuine offer, call the company back to their usual phone number, or visit their website independently. never click links in unsolicited emails.
  10. They get hold of your mobile number and call you, pretending to be from your provider with some pretend offer or another. they tell you that they are going to send you a verification code to prove it is them and for you to prove it is you. They go to your provider website and attempt to log in. the verification code is sent from your provider to your mobile. they ask you for the code. then then log in and have access to your account. they can then order a phone upgrade and have it sent to a different address.
  11. That’s their technique to try to get you to accept their price. its not personal, they are not offended, just trying to get you to pay more. people can and do haggle in high street stores, it’s just that usually the staff aren’t empowered to lower the price. When I bought engagement and wedding rings from one jeweller, I simply asked what the best price was if I bought both. I was fully prepared to pay sticker price, but he came back and knocked £400 off! I didn’t feel embarrassed!
  12. I can’t imagine a situation where someone really needs some Converse All star.
  13. It is ridiculous. If I have to work away from home frequently in one location for a period time, my company might choose to rent me a property rather than pay a hotel bill. This is done to cover my expenses. If I work in the Town I live in they of course wouldn’t do that. i don’t subscribe to the ‘put them in Halls’ argument, they are senior professionals and should be treated as such. The allowance should be based on need, it’s really not hard, many companies manage this for thousands of employees at a time. For 650 people it should be a doodle to make sure they are not taking the pi**. Truth is, they see it as embellishing their meagre salary (in their view) and so won’t do anything about it.
  14. In the link I posted earlier this is covered. The opinion is that lives could have been saved with a better emergency response plan. Like for instance getting Ambulances and trained staff into the ground instead of waiting outside like actually happened because there was an inadequate plan and response.
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