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  1. Probably five or six years ago now, it is quite nice inside, very well restored and they do regular performances by various groups, or at least up until the pandemic they did.
  2. Interesting you called it a Haunted Picture House. A few years ago my wife used to do music hall shows there with a local group and part of her act was with our small terrier dog. He would often go walkabout, and always ended up on the small balcony intently staring at a particular seat up there. It turns out the person who built it always used to sit up there watching the show! Nigel L
  3. Sounds familiar, The Old Rugged Cross and any Jim Reeves seemed to be a staple of hospital radio. I did the second ever show on Northern from NGH, a Sunday morning one with Mike Thompson, and I think the newest record I played was from the late 50's. Before we moved to Lodge Moor I was doing a show one evening when I got a request for someone's mum who was in the hospital. It turned out to be Doug Wyer's mum, he was a Sheffield speedway rider at the time, and I persuaded him to come to the studio and we did a quick interview! Happy days Nigel L
  4. I think he moved on from Northern Radio to the one at the children's hospital, he died a good few years ago. Nigel L
  5. Yes you can get in from the other side of the building. If you look on Google maps it is the building just below Central Lane, the door is in the the right hand side of the building where that bit sticks out. There were more steps down to the road to the road marked Central Way. Going in through that door the studio was on the right, then up a couple of steps, to the left was the room with the large table, straight ahead on the left hand side were the phone booths, and then I think were some toilets. Opposite the booths there is now a cafe. Nigel L
  6. Not in the clock tower building. I always went in from the Herries road entrance, so went along Vickers corridor, turned right and it was a converted cleaners store down a couple of steps before going out of the building If you look on the NGH plans you can download, go in at the entrance marked 20 next to Medical Physics, that is the Vickers corridor, turn left and you cant miss it. I was there last year, the old studio is still there, back as a cleaners storeroom again. A lot has changed around there, the room with the large table has gone, now some offices, and the old telephone booths have been boarded over, there's also a cafe! I spoke to a cleaner who was wondering what I was doing there, when I explained that forty odd years ago it was a radio studio she was intrigued, and opened the door for me. Hard to believe what was once there, nothing survives. Nigel L
  7. The Metro is getting some new rolling stock st the moment, so that should improve reliability, in fact the old depot is being demolished and a new one constructed nearby.
  8. The only line out of the Midland that go anywhere near the LNER line is the route north that goes via Nunnery Junction and onto Darnall and Worksop, still in use. There was the 'Fiery Jack' tunnel that ran from Wicker Goods up to Bridgehouses under Spital Hill, but that closed before 1950. When the line south of Sheffield was four tracks there was the 'dive under' that allowed trains from the fast lines to arrive in platform one by going under the slow lines. It descended near what is now Amey's Olive Grove depot and popped up near East Bank tunnel. The remains can be seen as the coach washing plant on the incline just outside the station, the bit near Olive Grove having been filled in years ago. All these of course are on the main railway, so not part of a separate suburban line. Nigel L
  9. There was a plan to build some sort of railway in the late 19th century, the City and Suburban railway with a grand station in Fitzalan Square with a line out to Stannington with stations at Bramall Lane, Endcliffe, Fulwood, Stannington, returning via Malin Bridge/Walkley and Neepsend. There is an article on another Sheffield history site. In the 1970's along with the Minitram proposal there was the idea for a loop line from Sheffield Midland to a station under the Town Hall. Nigel L
  10. Not sure of the line speed, but the Blue Pullman only had a top speed of 90mph, and being rough riders I bet they didn't do that for long.
  11. That's the great thing about this site you learn something every time, never knew they worked football specials! Nigel L
  12. As has been said above the Midland Pullman train ran from St. Pancras to Mnachester via Matlock. As the line closed the Midland units were soon transferred to join the others on the Paddington to South Wales service. I'm not aware they were ever used on the line into Sheffield, and can find no evidence they were ever used on football specials! They were not a great success, although they did introduce some novel ideas, double glazing, Venetian blinds and air conditioning to name a few. Their Achilles heel were the bogies, they were not a good design and were notoriously rough riders. There was one service each day from Manchester to London and back, and between these journeys the set ran a St. Pancras to Nottingham return, so they didn't get much use, and consequently were very expensive to operate. They did prove the concept though, which paved the way for the HST. Nigel L
  13. Eight foot is still used to mean a footpath, in fact there is a pub on Chaucer Road called the "Eight Foot Way".
  14. Dr. Linfoot was my doctor when I was a kid in the '60's. Always remember him with black suit with high collar and the traditional doctors bag. Once came to visit me at home, walked in looked at me said "mumps" gave mum a prescription and walked out again!
  15. Only for the TV show, it was moved on very quickly! Planning permission for something the size of Beighton box would probably be difficult to obtain anyway. Although the box was demolished, I wonder if the equipment inside was salvaged?
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