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  1. I know this sounds like a stupid request but I am doing a survey of moles in sheffield, has anyone noticed alot of mole hills in and around sheffield
  2. What is happening in town tonight have friends from out of town and want to entertain them. left it late....help
  3. Have some friends arriving tonight from out of town and don't know where to take them. Anything considered ...Anyone know of anything cheers
  4. I have a long wheel based transit van, I am an experienced gardener and can arrange small scale removals. Let me know if I can be of assistance Michael
  5. Recently become homeless and although I am a professional person I am presently on the dole so need a roof over my head, preferably not shared who accepts DSS. Anyone anything for me Cheers Michael
  6. I already have a BT phoneline and I want another installing. Anyone know if I have to go through BT to get a new line or are they other companies I can use
  7. I need to cover a large area with bark chipping and on going to the garden centre it was £10 for two bags...Anyone know anywhere I can get a large amount delivered to the Dronfield area
  8. Sounds like Sheffield planners got it right again...not try looking at http://www.my-history.co.uk/acatalog/Sheffield
  9. Well I am sad, 42 and single and I am always looking, just no luck as yet, so I will give anything a go
  10. Sorry to let you know that there are some of us that deal in cash, rather the dreaded plastic
  11. I agree they never smile, and my friend was overcharged by a pound. For all Dronfield folk use Dronfield stations and it you are from meadowhead area use Morrisons, they don't deserve the business
  12. If you can get Fiona Long at Feline she is one of the best in the world
  13. I am a photographer and did some work at Tinsley Green Centre and everyone was fantastic, so dont mock a place you don't know. I was lucky to meet the sister of Graeme Fellowes, the wonderful John Shuttleworth and Jilted John. Sally has put so much into Tinsley and is a wonderful human being. So leave it alone
  14. Mr. Carpet on Eccy Road is good, helpful and good carpets
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