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  1. I have to create 5 new posts before im allowed to respond/reply to a private message to me ? What a load of rubbish Sheffield forum seems to have lost the plot here Who is this designed to help....certainly not members its ridiculous red tape I have managed to find a long lost family friend on the other side of the world yet im not permitted to talk to them. Im am utterly didmayed
  2. [/color]Unfortunately Uncle Dickie is no longer ditto Grandad Jack, the two hotels owned by Grandad and Dickies Sister (side by side) are not owned by the family anymore in fact one of them is now a bar. I remember Grandad Jack standing me on a stool and making me learn the Trumpet at a very early age (which i hated lol) nevertheless i now play the Guitar as does my younger brother so we have kept the music alive to some extent.
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