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  1. Went regularly to the Pheasant to see him play, Blueberry Hill, Louisiana 1927, and Driftaway were my obsession...absolutely loved to hear them . also saw Joel play recently and wished I had a inch of his talent.
  2. I was inside the Meadowhall management suite at 10:30am on Thursday morning, the desk staff were getting phone calls from people asking if the days events had been called off, even tho they couldn't give an answer you could tell that they were certain it would be called off but didn't have authority to make the call, but told callers that a decision was due to be made and when it was, the website would be updated immediately. The weather forecast for the next 12hrs or so was very heavy rain. I'm sorry but why did it take until 6pm to actually decide to call off event, it never stopped raining all day. I agree that it was bad judgment to travel to Meadowhall in such bad conditions, but with how bad the situation was so early, it was obvious that calling it off was the only safe option.
  3. You watched 'Black Books' as well then, top comedy series.
  4. yeah if they were JW's they would've fully explained who they were and why they were calling.
  5. Jehovahs Witnesses have foreign language congregations and occasionally knock on doors just looking for a particular nationality or language, then someone speaking that language will call.
  6. Anyone know who owns this chip shop
  7. Its opening next week, i'm doing some contract work on it to get it ready.
  8. I live on a school road, never seen a street cleaner
  9. Thats where they all get the coach to various stores for training in Manchester, Nottingham and leeds. Not opening until September.
  10. I pass through Pagehall twice a week around 7am, quite often there is an army of litter pickers and 2 road sweepers. I must admit I get a little annoyed as I live on a school road that really could use a road sweeper even if only once a month, but in the 16yrs i've lived here i've never seen one.
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