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  1. My dad had a '3 footed' hobbing foot, whereas my grandad had 3 individual ones that fitted in an iron socket fixed to a large block of wood.
  2. Of course every major scientific body accepts man-made climate change, but that does not mean that they reject naturally occuring climate change. WiseOwl182 is quite correct to say the current debate also involves how man-made change contributes to natural change, it would be flawed science not to do so. For anyone who doubts natural-climate change, here is a graph of the last 420000 years of climate change extracted from the ice cores at the Russian research station in the Antarctic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaternary_glaciation#/media/File:Vostok_Petit_data.svg
  3. This is a confusing post. Are you saying that all climate change deniers are right wingers, or that all right wingers are climate change deniers, and where does this leave the Chinese, the worst climate change deniers on the planet. I suspect that this is an early candidate for most ridiculous post of the year.
  4. As someone has already pointed out, she is married to a Dutch IS fighter. Does this not make her a Dutch citizen?
  5. Victims of crime do not choose to be victims. Criminals DO choose to commit crime. All those who whine about the rights of offenders and claim that they are a product of their upbringing do nothing more than insult victims, not to mention the thousands of people from difficult backgrounds who choose not to commit crime. These apologists really do need to reset their moral compass.
  6. I would think that the general law-abiding public would be more concerned with the number of violent incidents and suicides out prison.
  7. And here are the latest figures on knife crime. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47156957
  8. UK policing is grossly underfunded and will remain so until Theresa May has finished exacting revenge for the 'plebgate' affair.
  9. Yes, but if you are unsure you could always google it.
  10. There is no centre ground party in the UK. UKIP have lurched into fascism, Labour have lurched into communism, Scots Nats are a minority interest single issue party, Tories are right of centre and Lib Dems are left of centre socialists with a superiority complex.
  11. That's brilliant!!! Now you and Justinelle can go and get a room and feed each others delusional paranoia.
  12. I would have thought that everyone hated Piers Morgan, including his parents.
  13. No, it's called give and take and is the way all countries approach trade talks. There are some EU politicians (mainly the French ones) who want to punish us for having the effrontery to want to leave their 'project' and there are some who are more pragmatic. At the end of the day the deciding factor will be financial, as it always is.
  14. Trade is usually a two-way thing. We currently buy twice as much from the EU as they buy from us. I can't imagine the Germans would be very happy at the EU putting up artificial barriers to them selling us their overpriced cars. Or the French with cars and their tired old stale wines. And, of course, whatever barriers they impose on imports from the UK, we can reciprocate, and then buy from any non-EU country which is happy to trade with us.
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