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  1. Broakham

    Castle archaeological dig

    If you were really concerned about Sheffields heritage you would be complaining that the markets were moved from their traditional area of Market Place, where they had been for circa 700 years, and moved into a concrete monstrosity built on top of true heritage. I suspect that your idea of heritage has the same span as your lifetime.
  2. If you had true Jedi mind powers you would be able to wear your Jedi robe and make people think you were wearing conventional clothes.
  3. Broakham

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    I would have Carlos back, with strict conditions :- 1. Someone hammers home to him the importance of fitness and conditioning. 2. The fitness/medical team have the final say on when an injured player is fit to return. 3. He has more confidence in his academy players instead of wasting money panic buying 3rd rate players.
  4. Broakham

    Proper art

    We've had a recent thread on the merits of David Hockney paintings, so in the interest of balance, here is some proper art. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-46447199
  5. According to the BBC local news website there must have been 3 crashes. One on Staniforth Rd, one on Stainforth Rd and one on Satinforth Rd.
  6. Broakham

    Syp lying to the public again!

    Why don't you volunteer as a Special Constable, then you might realise that you are posting vacuous drivel.
  7. Broakham

    Sheffield wed v bolton

    According to The Star, season ticket holders are counted whether they are there or not.
  8. Broakham

    Save our owls

    The problem might well be the so-called "expert' help he is already getting. So called advisors who are only interested in making money for themselves.
  9. Broakham

    Creswell area (s80)

    Don't let the 'S' postcode lead you astray. I would think that most Sheffielders would consider Creswell to be more 'aligned' to Chesterfield or Worksop. You may get more responses and information from forums dedicated to those two towns. I can't find a general forum for Worksop, but you could try:- http://www.chesterfieldonline.org/
  10. Broakham

    Raspberry Pi - Do you Pi?

    Check out MagPi magazine;- https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/ All their publications are available as free PDF downloads.
  11. There are thousands of experts here:- https://www.rootschat.com/ It is a very helpful and friendly forum (no bickering as on here). There are experts on all family history matters.
  12. You are still implying that I must have an ulterior motive for not posting a comment about Operation Stovewood. You clearly have something on your mind so why don't you give up on the innuendo and tell us what it is?
  13. I am well aware of Operation Stovewood. However, I fail to see why you think I should give an opinion of it before I am allowed to post about another conviction where I was curious about the apparent lenience of the sentence. Are you trying to suggest that there is a hidden agenda to my post? If so, just get on with it and ask me.
  14. Broakham

    Hockney painting 90 million.

    Of course I'm not suggesting that Hockney is a fraud, I'm sure he paints what he does because he enjoys it. It is the hype from others that draws in those with more money than common sense. Here is a fine example of gushing drivel for you:- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-46215476
  15. I'm still unclear about what your problem is. Can you clarify? ---------- Post added 16-11-2018 at 22:55 ---------- If you read my post properly you will see that the current high profile case was referenced in a quote. To mention that one without mentioning others is pure deflection of the issue.

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