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  1. I use to do this, thought it was ok... But then got slapped with a fine! :-( Definitely a no go!
  2. I would prefer a dedicated specialist, I found this company on Google who look great! Thanks for the response. ---------- Post added 11-04-2018 at 20:48 ---------- Thank you, just asked and they said no.
  3. My close friend recently had an injury at work and is looking to chat with a medical solicitor to see what they can do... Any suggestions in the Sheffield/Yorkshire area?
  4. Glad to see this here! In November me and my partner set out to do the same thing. We have worked hard for 10 years but don’t have much to show for it due to been compulsive spenders. Car leases, clothes and lots of other crap we don’t need – our house was a mess! We flogged it all on Ebay and set out to improve our financial situation, so we can buy a brand new kitchen! Since November we cut our spending by 40% month on month, and we’re in the process off getting a brand new kitchen fitted …. It has been totally worth it, there’s nothing more fulfilling than buying something of substance, rather than bits on bobs!
  5. Hi, Im looking to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs in Sheffield. Currently, im perusing my own business venture and attend seminars/networking events every now and then. Ultimately id like to get to know people that are in the process of starting a company or who have successfully done it or are even thinking about it! Im keen to surround myself with like minded, talented people.
  6. Please give me a call http://choosedigital.co.uk/seo-sheffield.php More than happy to assist.
  7. Up from the town end, I would agree. But not the other way around.
  8. What are the top networking events in Sheffield? For entrepreneurs and business owners?
  9. Pretty smart marketing if you ask me. (if it is true)
  10. Businesses are, but only if there's a smart strategy involved with a promising ROI. They want to be able to see growth, via analytics and reach and inquiries. Not just someone who updates their Facebook page and updates the status randomly with no end goal.
  11. Excel are usually more reliable than city from my experience. Id seriously consider Uber, you can use them without a smartphone and can pre-book. Its cheaper, however be aware that they have been accused of underpaying their drivers. If you belive in ethical business practice dont choose them ;-)
  12. It should have been updated 5 years ago, better yet these updates still aren't good enough. Only two of the 4 maneuvers are realistic nowadays. Im glad the sat nav has been introduced but again, it should have happened a while ago. Also not to mention there's now +10 minutes more independent driving time.
  13. Pokemon! You can play the old ones from the 90's online now!
  14. I drive through yesterday, its tragic! Getting worst and worst by the day
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