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  1. Try res-non-dom with nill-rate on WW income that is born abroad and pegged to the USD. We're both beneficiaries in very different ways
  2. What ever happened to our police constables being smartly dressed whilst in public? They now wear these offencive [green fluorescent costumes] that makes them look like refuse collectors!
  3. Can't wait to see him arrive in the UK next year!
  4. Ey up L00b - I did ask someone on here where you had gone but they didn't bother to respond. A no-deal Brexit? Never gonna happen unless war is declared.
  5. He should be replaced by someone with traditional conservative values.
  6. Voted for Tom. PS. the poll at the bottom of the website was blocked on my browser (firefox). You'll probably get people saying "I can't see where to vote!"
  7. This thread is used as a battleground for those who are entrenched in their respective ideologies. It would be nice if it was used for understanding but I don't think there's much appetite for it. Everyone is too busy slingshotting facts & figures to the other side in the hope of "winning" the battle.
  8. There's a great clip being circulated at the moment from the HBO TV series called 'The Newsroom'. It's from 2012 so well before Trump made it onto the scene. I love the ending - it choked me up even though I'm not American
  9. Am I the only person who likes to keep things traditional? Voted 'not a good idea'
  10. We almost bought one of the apartments in Bluebell! Are you one of tenants/homeowners in that block?
  11. Is it really necessary to have a "gay quarter"? We're not an endangered species in need of our own geographic quarter!
  12. In 21st century Britain its all about tripping over yourself in pursuit of the ultimate status symbol - victimhood! It's why most liberals get out of bed in the morning. There are victims to protect and new "isms" to be found. Don't get me wrong they're lovely people with good hearts, but their approach to solving many of our social problems actually makes things worse. At this rate we're going to end up more like America and less like Scandinavia.
  13. Good luck with that because neither the Tories nor Labour have any appetite of plunging the country into a constitutional crisis. We are leaving the European Union and there will not be another referendum. But don't despair - the vast majority of arrangements we currently have with the EU will actually just remain intact, albeit re-packaged and re-branded.
  14. It's not going to happen. Our 40+ police forces do a miserable job of determining the immigration status of arrested criminals. It's a broken system that nobody has the balls to fix. Read the Telegraph article below. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/13/foreign-criminals-avoid-deportation-because-police-fail-to-carry/
  15. You're talking about a possible outcome after one's immigration status has been ascertained. In this wonderful country of ours your immigration status does not form part of your identity. When you are taken into custody and charged with an offence, the custody officer will ascertain your identity (legal name, DOB, address) in order to create a new custody record and conduct a search of the PNC using your details. As part of that process you will be asked to state your nationality however this is nothing more than a self-declaration. It is at this point where an illegal immigrant will falsely declare themselves a UK citizen to prevent any further immigration checks being carried out. So if you're in the UK illegally being charged with a non-immigration offence (ie rape of a minor), the last thing you want are additional immigration-related offences being levied against you with the prospect of deportation to your country of origin.
  16. Come on now, do you really think the Germans are going to publicly say anything to the contrary? The Germans do not want to be seen as Europe's pre-eminant power, and this has been the secret to their success of turning the European Union into their back garden. It's why many in diplo circles refer to the EU as Merkel's empire or the "Germanic Union". It's why so many of our friends on the continent are worried about being gobbled up by Germany without Great Britain being there to act as a political counterweight. The position we're in today of not being able to make progress is a result of Berlin's influence on Brussels. Berlin is insisting that London pays a price for leaving the EU, and so far they have been successful preventing further movement on Brexit negotiations. If you were shocked by the bear hugs and kisses between May/Junker its because you haven't got your ear to the ground. We always knew Germany would be our biggest problem, it's why we dispatched the royals to German in a charm offensive. It clearly hasn't paid off.
  17. This is in both the UK and EU's joint interest. Tusk is essentially urging the remaining EU27 is to maintain the status quo which has been the EU's mantra for the last couple of decades. The last thing anyone wants now is political divergance during the negotiations. Our biggest problem is Germany, they hold the keys to the European Union and Merkel has made it clear she's not ready to progress any further until she has formed her coalition government which she hopes to do by December. In the meantime both the UK and EU have to keep the kids entertained whilst mother Merkel redies her government. Merkel was courteous enough to wait for us whilst we formed a new government, and now we're returning the favour. Like I said previously once the 3Ms are locked in and safe, progress will start to be made. Everything else is just political theatre.
  18. Of course I'm for real. As a gay man do you honestly think I want Jared's livelihood destroyed because of some lame remarks he made about gays?
  19. Poor guy I genuinely feel sorry for him, but this is sadly what has become of British society in the 21st century. There will be no shortage of victimhood groups waiting to beat him into a pulp. Reminds me of [ ] from the movie Airplane!
  20. Defecating pigeons on the Moor has been an unresolved problem that has lingered for years. An SCC spokesman said "no official complaints had been received about pigeons in the area." What I find quite outstanding is that nothing ever gets sorted unless it makes the local press. Does anyone from our local council ever go on walkabouts in search of things that could be improved or fixed? Does that even exist as job description? http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/pigeons-on-the-moor-becoming-an-infestation-sheffield-shoppers-say-1-8818519
  21. Has it ever occurred to you that there are hardline factions on the other side of the channel that despise the very idea of the European Union trying to reach an amicable agreement with the UK? Of course you can't because you've dressed this up as Fight Club™ from day one, and now you can't can't see the wood for the trees. London and Brussels have been trying to scratch each other's backs, but there are other influential personalities within the EU27 that want a very different outcome for ideological reasons.
  22. They'll turn a blind eye. He's a Labour MP which means he's a "remainer" and that's all that really matters to them.
  23. But it's already happening today without much of us realising. The tech companies are already applying their algorithms to human-driven forms of transportation and they're actively collaborating with the car manufactures on the next phase of personal transportation which will be service-driven. If you want to better understand these inefficiencies in our current system watch this TED presentation made last year by Uber's former CEO.
  24. Absolutely not, both the car manufactures and the tech companies are in agreement that the automobile is quickly becoming a shared mode of transportation which means the car ownership model as we know it today is slowly on its way out. You'd think the likes of Ford and Tesla would be worried about this, but actually they're not. Their future customers will be the tech giants buying millions of autonomous vehicles designed to interface with their digital platforms. Elon Musk has already said human-driven electric vehicles won't be around for very long, this is just a transitional phase. Simply swapping out a combustion engine for an electric motor does not address the huge inefficiencies in our transportation network, nor does it address traffic congestion or the growing issue of parking. In 10 years time buying your own vehicle will be as retarded an idea as buying your own bus.
  25. And the funny thing is, this puts you at odds with your beloved European Union who actually want to work with Theresa May. Would you find it surprising if I told you it was actually Brussels who were worried about TM's slim majority before she decided to call a GE? Why do you think that was?
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