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  1. It's a great idea and I really hope they become more popular. Anything that helps reduce waste and puts food in people's mouths is a winner for me. Have a great day everyone
  2. Unfortunately not at this moment in time although we are always looking for independent board level technicians for micro soldering work etc.
  3. Did you manage to get it sorted? I own a little tech shop on City Road, you're more than welcome to get in touch
  4. If your hardware is okay I'd go for a fresh install of win10, lots of tutorials on YouTube you could follow. If your wanting to upgrade for better performance adding more RAM and a SSD will definitely make a difference, along with a fresh Windows install.
  5. Hi Does anyone know of any shops in Sheffield that have office chairs on display? By on display I mean so they can be sat in and tested before you buy. Other than Ikealand. Thanks
  6. That's a good point actually but then again I already own the Pi's.. If I can get an half decent media centre on a Zero W then I'd be happy since they're really cheap. As for Kodi, it always annoyed me how everyone was marketing "Kodi boxes" when in reality Kodi were not associated with the Android box and then soon after it became illegal to sell "Kodi boxes" which made as much sense as banning the sale of any media/electronic device because as we all know Kodi and copyrighted content can be accessed from many devices these days. I believe a lot of people have switched over to a paid IPTV service now? Personally I'm happy paying for Netlfix & Prime video.
  7. Thanks I'll have a look into Rasplex, I was planning on maybe installing Android emulator and adding Netflix, Prime Video and Kodi. I think there wasn't a any decent stable Andriod releases for Pi the last time I checked (I could be mistaken) I read about the Linux OS but tbh I have next to no experience with Linux so I don't think I'll venture there just yet. As for those remotes you're buying, couldn't you use an Android app for free either via WiFi, Bluetooth or the phones built in IR blaster? I'm wanting to build something a bit more in depth like mechanical.. I had an idea to make one into an IP camera with mechanical dog biscuit dispenser I could control from work, I like a challenge
  8. They're impressive little things aren't they. What you got in mind? I'd like to build a retro gaming unit around/on top of a fridge (saw it on pinterest), gaming and ice cold beers is right up my street
  9. Good evening all, I'm brand new to the world of Pi and I've a few Zero W models and one Pi 3 B+. So far I have got one running RetroPie and I plan to use one for a media centre for my none smart TV. I'm looking for new ideas what to do with either one of the Zero models or 3 B+ and I was wondering if anyone on here has experience with them? If so, what do you use your for/what Pi projects have you done? TIA
  10. I've used Open Office for years, it's very good and free. If you want MS office but without the hefty price tag then you could buy an activation key from eBay or there are many reputable websites that offer them too.
  11. (sorry if this isn't in the correct section, I couldn't find gardening) Hey guys, My garden is currently a mish mash of grass and weeds and I would like it all to be grass, for this summer. I have decided to go down the buying rolls of grass root. I have it in my head that I need to remove the top 4 or so inches of the ground so I can lay rolls of grass down. I've started it using a spade and shovel which is taking for ever so I'd like to know what tool I can hire to get the job done? Is hiring a petrol rotavator/tiller good for the job? Once I have removed the top 4 or so inch I was going to weed killer the whole garden and wait a few days before laying the rolls of grass, is that a good idea? Any advice welcomed. Thank you ---------- Post added 21-05-2018 at 18:30 ---------- (thanks for moving it to the correct section)
  12. - Great idea, thanks Ghozer. SheffTech mobile phone repairs and sales Mobile phone repair shop in Sheffield offers a wide range of phone, tablet computer and other computing device repair services. All repairs come with a parts & labour warranty. We're a friendly local business with fair prices. We also offer a Sell My Phone service, trading old and faulty phones for cash and we have a Phones For Sale shop. SheffTech 205 City Road Sheffield S2 5HF Tel: 07463921129 Web: http://www.shefftech.co.uk Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shefftech
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